Burning incense – wonderful fly repellent

This fall, I’ve seen an alarming number of flies in the house. The house stays clean but these flies are stubborn, they are determined to set up camp for the cooler months. We’ve chased them down and eliminated most, but still some manage to maintain a foothold. They’re taunting me!




Seeing flies buzzing about our home is something new. We haven’t had this issue in the past! Ughh! So… what could be causing the problem? Hmm… I racked my brain trying to think of what we were doing differently, and it finally dawned on me…Ā  that I hadn’t burned incense in quite some time! From my readings, flies and mosquitoes don’t seem to tolerate smoke too well. Score! Additionally, I like the aroma given off by my preferred incense so for me, this is the perfect way to drive the remaining pests from the home. Of course, I can’t find my incense anywhere. It’s entirely possible that I’ve used it all. I purchased some more.

Incense Holder - Lotus flower
Incense Holder – Lotus flower


Naturally, you need an incense holder too. I had several, but when they did work on the house I tucked them away and it’s quite possible they were given away since I did donate some of those items to various charity organizations. Oh well, I purchased the above incense holder, isn’t it lovely? In total, the price to drive these annoying pests out of the home has cost me a little over $23, and I purchased enough incense to last for quite some time.

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Oh? It works? We used to burn them for the fragrance, those scented ones. Candles too. Don’t do it very often now.
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The last time I burned some incense I noticed it helped with that, too! Another thing that helps is a gentle breeze with a fan…this helps with bees, too, I think šŸ™‚ A local winery mentioned this to us when the bees were going after our jams, jellies, and sweet natural foods.
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This made me giggle! I can totally picture you and an animated evil laugh! LOL

We have some at work, too. I think it’s from our Ponytail Palms
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