Candida and cultured/fermented foods

One of the main reasons why I’m starting to make more cultured/fermented foods is because of my candida overgrowth. Thankfully with juicing, enemas and continuing to eat the healthy foods I’d been consuming it’s becoming a distant memory. While I’m happy about that news, I really don’t want to see a candida overgrowth gain a stronghold inside my body again.

several jars of fermented-foods

I do believe a powerful and effective way to keep this from happening again is to add cultured/fermented foods to my already healthy diet. I plan on consuming some type of fermented food each day. In doing so, I’m flooding my body with a large source of healthy bacteria. Which my intestines will love. The thing about fermented foods, is that I disliked most of the store bought ones that I’ve tried. I know that has everything to do with the fact that I’ve eaten homemade fermented foods that were either prepared by myself, or someone else. The ones purchased simply could not compare and so I avoided them, without actively making my own. Moving forward, having something fermenting in the home is on my “to do” list.

I definitely won’t get bored with fermented foods. I do enjoy them, and there is a wide variety of foods that can be fermented. I will admit that at times, I might become impatient waiting to sample some of the delicious foods that are fermenting.

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I have to admit – I know NOTHING about fermenting ‘at home’ but I might look into it. I am pursuing pickling in a cheating way by using a new Wildtree product that is really good! I’ve done pickles with them so far but want to try a few other things, too! I might blog about it in the next month or so 🙂
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I posted about a fermented kelp called SeaClear today. I used it as a miso for a vegan cheese sauce
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