December 1: Time flies… when you’re busy!

Wow, has it been super busy for me. I blink… and it’s December. I still have so much to do before my daughter is out of school for the Christmas holidays. We have treat bags to make and I have a few items to knit and sew and also some soap that needs to be made. Sighs… I cannot complain. I do make time to smell the roses, regardless of how busy I am.

Man smoking pipe

This is the first time I’ve been on a computer in almost a week and it shows, since it’s the only time I write my blog posts. While I have written blog posts on my iPad, I really don’t like it that much and so I still do the bulk of my posting on an actual computer.

Handcrafted card
Handcrafted card

A few weeks ago, I made this card for my cousin. Like me, she’s a Christian and so I added some Christian sentiments to her card. I’ve used this stamp once before and I thought it would be nice to use it again for her. I also made a matching envelope and included a few home made lip balms in her note. My goodness it took me a while to mail that out, but I finally did.

Using Masking with Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy Clear stamps

Last evening, I pulled out my cards and worked on them a tiny bit. Mainly I was just looking at them and talking to my daughter. This is her first day back at school.

Tim Holtz - Bird Crazy_2 09.01.15

The card you see at the top (white background) was started about a week ago. They are four separate stamps. I used the masking technique. The one on the lower left hand side was started this past Friday and the stamp to the right was started yesterday. I have not even placed that on a card yet. I colored most of the couple with my Copics markers; however, I’ve decided to color the bouquet of flowers with my Faber Castell sketch colored pencils.

As I already mentioned, with the card with the white border, I used a technique called “Masking.”

I first learned about it watching one of Sandy Allnock’s informative videos. The video I’ve shown above is my first introduction to masking. I was fascinated with it; however, I did not have any use for it at the time.

It was set aside when I took a break to start knitting a fall hat for my lovely twelve year old daughter. I used Malabrigo wool yarn. It’s super soft and squishy. I’m thrilled to say that the hat is almost finished. Oh… and I’ve gotten back into sewing again too! Whee, I believe towards the end of September (or early October) I’ll add weaving back to the mix. I am having so much fun with my hand crafts!

Stamps Used

  1. Tim Holtz Cling Rubber Stamp Set, Bird Crazy
  2. Penny Black Cling Rubber Stamp, Tom and Tilly

Card Making: Artist and Crazy Birds

Sunday, I was greeted with quite a few card making goodies that had arrived in the mail from Amazon.

Cardmaking-Penny Black - The Artist 8.23.15
Card Making: Penny Black; The Artist


A few hours after my daughter and I settled in, I pulled out my card making supplies and started working on this card. It’s not finished, since I still need to add skin tones and since I don’t have the appropriate pencils, or markers, I decided that this should be placed aside until it can be completed. Since my Copics skin tone markers should be arriving some time today, it looks like I might be able to complete it some time this evening.

Cardmaking: Tim Holtz; Bird Crazy
Card Making: Tim Holtz; Bird Crazy card and envelope


Yesterday, I used the Tim Holtz’s Bird Crazy stamps to create this card. Initially, I was going to make it for my BF; however, a church lady (and her husband) have been on my mind and I believe this card will go to her. These days, when someone pops into my mind… I think it’s Gods way of telling me to check up on them, and I do.


Handcrafting: More than just card making…

While it might seem like the only thing I’m doing is making cards… I’m not. I’m also knitting and sewing. This past weekend, I started knitting a fall themed hat for my daughter. Admittedly… not too much of that was accomplished since our days were packed while visiting the BF. However, I’m hoping that I can complete it some time this week. With sewing, I’m mending one of my mothers nursing uniforms.

I am blessed that I am able to do things I enjoy when I have down time. These days finding that down time can be a challenge; however, I manage to squeeze in some time even if it is only for a few minutes. I find crafting to be a wonderful form of meditation and so I try to actively engage in it daily.


Visiting the parents…

This weekend, my daughter, the BF and I will be visiting his parents. Of course, the BF is looking forward to seeing his parents and so are my daughter and I. They are both really kind people. My only regret is that we don’t live closer. I really enjoy their company and I would love to see them more. My BF, sees my parents almost every week. They love him.

H&J card_1 8.18.15
Art Impressions People Cling Rubber Stamp: Cathy Caffeine Set


Yesterday, this stamp arrived in the mail and so I decided to turn it into a card. Since both of his parents drink coffee, I thought I would send it to them. I used my Copic markers. I haven’t purchased the skin tone Copic markers and so I made do with the colors that I did have. Guess what? I haven’t sent them a card since the first time the BF took my daughter and I to visit them. I made that card at the end of June. How terrible of me! 😉


Stamp used

Art Impressions People Cling Rubber Stamp: Cathy Caffeine Set