Furbaby Adventures: Spay surgery for Gracie

A few days ago, I made an appointment for Gracie, our lionhead rabbit,  to get spayed.

Because of her laceration surgery, I had to hold off a bit longer to ensure that she was completely recovered from her laceration surgery. I’ll be curious to see how she does after the surgery. If she’s like Oreo, our Netherland dwarf rabbit, she’ll be subdued for the first 2o+ hours. Part of me does not think that will happen, her personality is much different that Oreo’s… but we’ll see!

Of course, I pray that she heals quickly, and has many happy bunny years in our household.

Furbaby Adventures: Sleepy Gracie

The past few days Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, has been tired. I’m not surprised since she’s been partying through the night.

Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_1.10.5.13

Thankfully… she’s starting to settle down at night, but judging from these pictures she still needs to catch up on her bunny sleep.


Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_2.10.5.13

I must say it is cute to see her laying around the house. Most of the time, she’s hopping around our home with frequent stops to give me bunny kisses, before she moves on to explore whatever grabs her interest once again.

At times, I do wonder when she sleeps what does she dream about…

Lionhead rabbit-Gracie_3.10.5.13


Perhaps she’s thinking of playing in a large grassy field, hopping around and binkying… stopping only to munch on grass. And  perhaps when dreaming, she stops and gives us bunny kisses (that is if we make an appearance in her dreams.) 😉

Furbaby Adventures: Not keen on sharing

Monday, we rounded up all our furbabies (with the exception of Bentley) for some evening snacks. Bentley (our Shih Tzu) was close by and he looked puzzled. He just didn’t see why the other furbabies were going crazy over the celery. Poor doggie, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Sharing a celery treat

As you can see in the photo… Angel (white teddybear guinea pig) and Gracie (white lionhead rabbit) were more than happy to share their treat with each other. They were more than happy to include Oreo, since there was a stalk on her side. But after it was clear she wasn’t interested they started focusing on their snack.

Oreo (black & white Netherland dwarf rabbit) was not impressed with the actions of her adopted sisters. Although Oreo’s nose wriggled excitedly when she caught a whiff of one of her favorite treats, she made a point not to eat any.

Pals: These two love to be together

Naturally Angel and Gracie were just fine with this arrangement and made short work of the celery.


Poor Oreo!

But Oreo wasn’t forgotten, when my daughter put her in her home. She hand fed her some celery. Oreo gently bumped her nose on my daughter’s hand after she was finished. I think that’s her way of thanking us for doing something extra nice. She does that with me also.

Gracie, follows me everywhere and I imagine she’d sleep right beside me in bed if I let her, but I don’t. The girl is much too adventurous and I’m afraid with her inquisitive nature she’d get herself into trouble. It seems that she isn’t afraid of trying or doing anything. So when I go to bed, so does she. At times she’s not thrilled with that!

Bonding update

We still aren’t pushing bonding with Gracie and Oreo. They sit contentedly by each other and Gracie always rests her head on top of Oreo. She’s such a friendly rabbit, I guess she’s puzzled at the reason Oreo is so reserved. We love our timid girl, Oreo, also.  Oreo is still very shy but allows the licks from Gracie without trying to attack her. I call that progress!

Gracie will be getting spayed towards mid October so after she’s healed (some time in November) we’ll move onto the next phase, putting them on the floor together.

Furbaby Adventures: Pals sharing a snack

As you can see our furbabies, Angel (our teddy bear guinea pig) and Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) get along well together.

Angel and Gracie eating carrot_1
Angel and Gracie sharing a treat


In this picture I snapped a photo of them sharing a carrot. It’s an occasional treat for our guinea pig and rabbits. They were thrilled and stopped eating long enough to pose for the camera. We gave Oreo, our netherland dwarf rabbit, a carrot also.  When I gave the carrot to Oreo, she wiggled her nose excitedly, bumped me gently with her nose, snatched the carrot and started munching contentedly. I guess their Christmas came early. Who am I fooling, just like with loved ones I like giving my furbabies special treats throughout the year. Speaking of Christmas, 90% of the hand crafted items I’m making (crochet, knitting and sewing) are complete! I don’t go crazy designing things for everyone on my list, because not everyone is fiber worthy.

But back on topic…

I’ve just finished uploading all the pictures I’ve taken over the Labor Day weekend. Gardening photos, food photos, daughter and nephew pictures are just a few of things I uploaded. Hopefully I’ll be able to add some of those pictures here sometime this week.

Furbaby Adventures: Female Rabbit Bonding; Snuggle time

Since I first wrote my initial post about female rabbit bonding, Gracie and Oreo have had spending time together daily.
Female rabbit bonding_1

We place them close together and hold them. Oreo, our spayed rabbit, is the one that can get aggressive, but thus far she’s doing well. My main goal is to make Oreo not feel intimidated by Gracie. Hopefully there won’t be any more rabbit attacks.

As mentioned in earlier posts. We received Oreo, our Netherland dwarf rabbit, from the Humane Society of Harford County. Although a very sweet bunny, it was obvious that she wasn’t around other animals too much and would occasionally become territorial around certain of our pets; Angel and Gracie.

After Gracie’s stitches were removed, I thought that it might be time to do limited bonding since Oreo’s temperament, around our other pets, has mellowed.

Female rabbit bonding_2

And yesterday, for the first time, Oreo turned around and sniffed Gracie. Which was great.  Too bad we didn’t get a picture of that.

Female rabbit bonding_4

Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, has been turning around to get a better look at Oreo since we started the bonding sessions. I’m still cautious which is why you’ll see my hands petting them to keep them calm. It also means I can quickly separate them if things get out of hand.

They seem to enjoy these bonding sessions and I’m at the point now where I don’t have to hold them constantly. They seem to accept each other scent. Hopefully I’ll get shots of that sometime this week. They are fine just sitting by each other, wiggling their noses contentedly.

Furbaby adventures: Giving Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, her medication

A few days ago… I took this picture of Gracie. Which would explain why she has stitches in the picture below. This morning, her stitches were removed.

Lionhead rabbit-giving Gracie her meds_2
My daughter, giving Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) her medication


As you can see, Gracie really doesn’t mind taking this medication. I’m guessing it tastes great. Yesterday, marked the last day that she has to take this medicine. She has two more (out of the four original medications) to take. Tomorrow is the last day for the nasty medication she doesn’t like, and Monday, she’ll receive her last penicillin shot.

I must say she’s been a great patient and hasn’t even flinched at taking the needle.

Furbaby adventures: Stitches removed and female rabbit bonding

Gracie got her stitches removed today! Isn’t that wonderful?

Lionhead rabbit Gracie eating kale_2
Gracie, our albino lionhead rabbit, eating kale


We arrived at Chadwell’s Animal Hospital at 8:00 a.m. That’s the time they opened. We were the second customer there. Both of us waited for a bit. The first customer had a very distraught kitty and then there was our Gracie who seemed fine.

About twenty minutes later we were seen and off Gracie went to get her stitches removed. Upon her return, about five minutes later, the vet technician confirmed what we already knew… she’s healing nicely from her laceration surgery! The tech that removed the stitches reminded us not to pull on the scab that was remaining. Well… that’s obviously not the thing to do, but I understand that they do have to state the obvious to protect themselves.  So I just smiled and told her that wasn’t going to happen.

Female rabbit bonding

After the rabbit gone wild fiasco aka rabbit bonding gone bad, I didn’t think I’d try to reintroduce bonding to them this early, but a few hours after we arrived home, we decided to put the rabbits close to each other.

And even though  some advise to do this  after both are spayed, I decided to check it out. Oreo, our spayed bunny, is the aggressive one but as she’s come out of her shell, her antisocial tendencies (occasional growling and bunny swatting with her paws) has disappeared. So, I put them together to see what would happen. They were about two feet away from each other and they did fine. I was holding Oreo and my daughter held Gracie.

Female rabbit bonding - Gracie & Oreo_1
Gracie (our lionhead rabbit) and Oreo (our netherland dwarf bunny) bonding and hanging out together


While we didn’t get pictures of that interaction, we did take pictures a few moments ago. This time they were touching and they did fine! We were petting them both the entire time. Well my daughter stopped to take the pictures. I still don’t trust them down on the floor together. But we’re in no rush…

Female rabbit bonding - Gracie & Oreo_2


But it’s nice that we can (hopefully) have them both out (as long as we’re holding them) together! We’ll take baby steps with these two,  but since they are doing fine, we’ll keep having sessions like this and have floor sessions after Gracie has been spayed. She’ll be spayed this October.