The big chill, three day weekends, and pc gaming

It’s a three-day weekend for me since I’m off tomorrow for Memorial Day. I’d planned on doing a lot of yard work. However, that didn’t come to fruition since the past two days it’s been raining. It’s also been cold. It’s been in the 50’s F the past two days. Tomorrow it’s supposed to reach 70F. I truly hope that happens since I would love to use my Ooni Pro. I did get a lot accomplished inside. I finally had a chance to start rearranging my room. I’d ordered a few more shelves to hold my books and crafting items. I’m waiting on one more shelf to arrive. It should be here this coming Tuesday.

Plague’s Tale: Innocence (Chapter 2 – The Strangers)

PC Gaming: Plague’s Tale: Innocence (Chapter 2 – The Strangers)

I finally had the opportunity to play Plague’s Tale: Innocence again. I haven’t played the game since I purchased it about a month ago, and then I might have played it for about fifteen minutes? It’s been busy and I don’t have too much free time to play computer games. When I do have “me time” it’s usually spent knitting or doing meal prep. Anyway, I finished chapter 2. Although the game is a few years old, the graphics still look fantastic, and I’m enjoying the story. It’s set in France in the year 1348, during the beginning of the outbreak of the plague known as the Black Death. I enjoy history and do remember reading about this particular time. I do think it’s a creative twist to experience the time through gaming elements. The story focuses on Amicia and her brother Hugo. Their parents were recently killed, and Amicia will look for help for her little brother Hugo. He has a mysterious illness. I purposely haven’t watched or read too much about the game. I only watched a walk-through on enough to know that I would like the game.

Since I’m off tomorrow, I’ll probably try to take some time to play the game for a little bit. Of course, it’s also inspired me to do some more research about Black Death during that time period. It’s been a while since I’ve read anything about that.