Knitting 101: knitting made easy

Who knew knitting could be this easy?

I like humor, and did get a chuckle out of this video, however, if you want to knit. You’ll have to look elsewhere.

Here are a few of my favorite statements from this video…

“We’re not making mistakes; we’re making experiences!”

You can use the point of this one, to pick up the crap that you dropped!

Don’t worry about it! It’s only glue, only glue…

I started knitting when I was eight-years old, and even at that young age, I knew knitting wasn’t this easy. Fast forward 33 years, and it still isn’t. I still enjoy knitting, but it’s not as easy as Dan would like you to believe. Of course, you can purchase knitting machines. But those aren’t “easy” either.

What’s important to remember, when attempting something new, sometimes it will take time. Take for example, crochet, it took a few weeks before I was able to do the basic stitches without wanting to pull my locks out in frustration.

What’s my regret? There isn’t a similar  how to crochet video tutorial. Check out this post for a link to a knitting 101 video tutorial.