Vegan Cuisine: Sauteed collard greens with tomatoes and red beans

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Vegan: Sauteed collard greens with tomatoes and red beans

As I mentioned in my cravings post, I’ve been craving more greens than normal. This morning I went out into the garden and picked about 4 cups of collard greens.

I have about 3/4 acre of garden, and enjoy eating regular produce during the harvesting seasons.

In the above picture you might not be able to even see the red beans. The tomatoes got in the way. 🙂 I love colorful dishes, and I definitely had that going on with this simple but delicious meal.

I don’t purchase canned beans. I prefer using the dried beans. I soak and cook a large batch of beans at once. In doing this, the beans tend to last me throughout the week. I just put the beans I’m not going to use in my Pyrex glass storage containers (I don’t use plastic storage containers) pop them in the refrigerator or freezer and bring them out when I’m ready to use them.

Did the overabundance of greens satisfy my greens craving? No, I’ll be picking more greens later today (for some green smoothies.) Tomorrow morning, I’m sure I’ll be picking more collards or kale to add to whatever dish I decide to prepare.

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