Vegan: Sweet potato, pumpkin and banana curry

Yesterday, I mentioned that I was thinking about making a pumpkin and banana curry.

Sweet potato pumpkin banana curry.10.22.15
Vegan: Sweet potato, pumpkin and banana curry

Today, I got around to making it, so yeah! You know something?


You can’t even taste the banana in this dish. The flavor that it brings to the dish is hard to describe, but I must say that I like it very much. More importantly, my daughter loved it! The sweet potato and pumpkin came from our garden. Along with the sage (which I had dehydrated that morning). I most likely will make a flavorful rice to accompany this dish, similar to the spicy coconut rice that I made a few days ago.

Vegan: Pumpkin curry

My pumpkin curry was a hit. This afternoon, I stopped by my BF’s house and  brought him some. Of course, I made sure I set some aside for my lovely daughter.

Pumpkin Curry_2 10.20.15
Pumpkin curry


Take a look! This is how it turned out.

Pumpkin Curry.10.19.15

If you remember, I posted this photo yesterday. In that picture you can see the pumpkin, potato and freshly ground spices all waiting in the pot to be cooked.

My daughter said this was delicious! When I arrived home, I ate a tiny amount and I would have to agree with her. I’m glad I let the curry marinate overnight. Today I added the lentils to the dish. It’s so good!



Beginning and an end…

This afternoon I made this pumpkin and potato curry and while it tastes delightful just how it is, I will be adding a bit more to the dish tomorrow.

Pumpkin Curry.10.19.15
Vegan: Pumpkin and potato curry

I snapped this photo right after I cut up the pumpkin (which came from the garden) and the potatoes. Currently, this is setting in the refrigerator, by the time I reach for it tomorrow it should really be delightful since the herbs and spices have a chance to marinate. So this is my “beginning project.”

Satin Stiched emblem
Using satin stitch to attach an emblem

I also have a project that came to an end. This was one for the BF. Actually, it did not have much of a beginning. I used one of my sewing machines to attach this emblem to a hooded sweatshirt. I used the satin stitch. I have one sewing machine that does the satin stitch; however, I used the sewing machine that does the zigzag stitch. I changed the length and width so that it was able to mimic the satin stitch.

I’m including two different videos that show how this can be accomplished using the zigzag stitch. My daughter keeps pestering me about making my own videos so that I don’t have to keep hunting and posting an appropriate video.


Vegan: Dhal and spicy coconut rice

Yesterday morning, I made a delicious dhal.

Creamy Dhal.10.14.15
Creamy dhal. I should have taken this picture when it was made as you can see, my daughter ate a lot! 🙂

Last night, when I returned home, this was all that was left. My daughter inhaled most of the dhal. A pity, but my fault since I did not take the picture as soon as I created the dish. In addition to the lentils, mushrooms and other freshly ground herbs and spices, I was able to add pumpkin, tomato and hot pepper that all came from the garden.

Spicy Rice.10.14.15
Spicy coconut rice

Last evening, I made spicy coconut rice. The herbs and seasonings were freshly ground by myself and coconut was added. my daughter inhaled both dishes.

Dhal and Spicy Coconut rice.10.14.15
Creamy dhal and spicy coconut rice

As you see there was enough dhal to pair with the rice! This meal is low on calorie, but extremely flavorful. Anyone that knows me well, knows I love flavor. We mainly eat whole foods, which simply means as close to the natural food source as possible.

Vegetarian & Vegan: Craving lentil tacos

A few moments ago, I texted the BF and told him that I was craving lentil tacos.


Lentil tacos
Recycled photo – Lentil Tacos; vegetarian and vegan

If you remember, I’ve made vegetarian and vegan lentil tacos for him in May of this year.  It was his first time having them and even though he’s not vegan or remotely vegetarian, he loved them.

The BF has made dinner for my daughter today. He made meatloaf and some other dish. He made it last night. Late this afternoon, we’ll be heading over to his place, although I’ll forgo the meatloaf, I will make a nice complimentary dish of stir fry vegetables. All the produce will be from my garden. I’ll be sure to post pictures.

Raw Snacks: Fruit Cookies

A few days ago, I made these delicious raw snacks. I’ve been craving raw snacks for a while, but have not got around to making them until now.

Raw fruit cookies
Raw fruit cookies

I know they don’t look like much, but they sure are delicious and since they are naturally sweetened, they aren’t overly sweet.

What’s in the cookies? Banana, blueberries, strawberries and freshly ground raw sunflower seeds. That’s it and my goodness are they delicious.

Dehydrated Cookies_2 6.30.15
I love my raw fruit cookies. Simple, nutritious and delicious.

My daughter loves these cookies and my BF has asked to have a sample bag so he can try them out for himself. I’ll do that, but I told him it would be hard to accomplish since my daughter has hit another growth spurt and has been eating everything in sight. She’s fortunate that she has a lot of energy and is blessed with my high metabolism.

But to honor his request, I have set a few aside so he can sample. I do believe that he’ll like them just as much as we do.