Changing for Lent: Juicing and raw foods only

My Lutheran church observes lent and I turned over in my mind a variety of things that I could do and on that list was removing all cooked meals from my diet. In addition, I’ll be juicing most of my meals with the occasional smoothie (made with my Vita Mix) and raw food meal tossed into the mix.

If you have been following my recent posts you know I was on a juice cleanse. In total I juiced for nine days and then I came off the juice cleanse and rotated between raw solid meals and juices. While I had every intention of going longer, I mainly swapped to see how my body would react to introducing solid foods for a day and then going right back to juice. I’ve gone for long periods (weeks) with consuming only juices, but never switched it up like that before. Personally, my reaction was fine, and I swapped between the two with no issues whatsoever.


Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Stainless Steel
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Stainless Steel

What’s this? Why it’s the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite – Stainless Steel. This is the juicer I should have purchased, and I did look at it before purchasing my Breville BJE510XL Juice Fountain Multi-Speed 900-Watt Juicer. But, I did balk at the price.  It’s $299, granted I can’t really say anything since my Green Star cost over $400 when I purchased it over eight years ago, and you know what? It’s still going strong even though it’s used several times weekly.

After almost two weeks, I’ve decided to return my Breville and upgrade to the $299 model. It’s not because I don’t like the one I have. Trust me, I do and judging by the amount of posts I’ve already written about this Breville (centrifugal juicer) even though I’ve only had it for less than two weeks, it’s apparent that I do enjoy using the Breville juicer. It does an amazing job for softer produce where it easily outshines my Green Star.  I still use my Green Star (triturator juicer) for harder vegetables and greens. It simply blows centrifugal juicers away with that type of produce. I’ve decided to upgrade to the next higher model. I should have chosen this from the beginning.

If you check my posts, you’ll see that the Breville juicer that I do have is mostly stainless steel, but the container that held the produce was made of plastic. That bothered me even though the durability of the product shouldn’t be an issue, judging by the amount of reviews I’ve seen written by folks that have had them for several years. However,  knowing my love of stainless, I decided to go for the upgrade so the appliance is all stainless steel. Well… the container that catches the pulp and the feed tube are made out of black plastic.

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Looking forward to your raw posts! I’m doing more and more raw as well! It DOES help with the Vitamix! YAY! I’m LOVING it so far! I’d like to get some good quality greens soon and start juicing again! I’m hitting up YouTube for various ideas and such since we have talked last week as well! Happy Weekend, girl!
Jennifer recently posted..Rosemary Hemp Seed Pesto


I went to a Lutheran-church hosted event on non-violence recently and I enjoyed it very much.

Anyway, when you say that the breville outshines the green star on soft produce, do you mean that it is easier, or it has higher yield?
Aaron recently posted..How to Start Juicing: The Journey of Your First Juice


@Opal, Good to know about the softer fruit and the yield. I’m using a single auger juicer and it seems to be doing great with greens and with fruit. But I think I’ll have to try the Breville and see if I get more yield on fruit combos.
Aaron recently posted..How to Start Juicing: The Journey of Your First Juice