Chapati; Indian flatbread? No… more like Indian pancakes


After my daughter’s grief for her guinea pig subsided, I decided to do some experimentation with chapati.

I love chapati aka Indian flatbread, but haven’t made it in a few years. Which is kind of strange, since I absolutely adore the bread…

Besides, the common ingredients that are found in chaptis (or rotis) I also added chopped onion to the ingredients. I also included some of the dhal I’d made yesterday, and although it turned out well it wasn’t exactly a flatbread, more like a savory pancake.

If I’d let the dough sit for an hour or so, and rolled the dough balls out into thin circular sheets, it would have resembled the chapati you see in this post. But even with its flaws, my daughter absolutely adored them, and ate two of the chapatis.

It’s nice to see that her grief hasn’t ruined her appetite… the girl is always hungry! My daughter calls what I made, ‘Indian pan bread‘. I think it’s an appropriate name, don’t you?

Tomorrow, I’ll post a picture of my ‘Indian pancakes’, but now I’m off to hang with my daughter.

Word of thanks

Many thanks to those who offered there condolences to my daughters furbaby on Facebook and here, she really appreciated all the kind words.

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They look very nice. I love Indian breads – to eat with curry, dhall dip or masala. My mum used to make something like this to eat with curry. She called it “kuih Bayee” – the Sikh man’s bread…so I guess it is her version of Indian bread of some sort. I tried making it once but it was a total disaster. Haven’t tried since – perhaps I should ask her how to go about it and give it another try.
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Sorry to hear about the G.Pig! RE: Indian Food – I was lucky enough to have is twice while in Vegas! I LOVE Indian-Veg Food πŸ™‚
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Richard Johnson

That looks delicious and I think it’s thinner than the pancake. That also means that it’s crunchier. I want to try it.


yeah.. look delicious.. i think i wanna taste it.. i never eat that kind of food πŸ™‚
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