Charity knitting and some awesome dancing…

My daughter and I are watching the Hobbit, again.

The Hobbit knitted goodness
The Hobbit, so many knitted items in this movie, I’m undecided what I should knit first!


The Hobbit knitted goodness_2
The Hobbit – More knitted goodness


So much crocheted, knitted, sewing and weaving goodness in one amazing movie! We didn’t watch it when it came out in the movie theater, we saw it for the first time on Saturday. Naturally watching this movie, just added fuel to my want to knit another project dilemma. For the past few weeks I’ve been wanting to knit something big. I’ve vacillated between an sweater or a shawl? I think I’ll compromise and make myself a cardigan. The only thing left to do is to settle on the type I want to make. If you have any suggestions, post them here please! I guess I could knit the Sylvie coat, I purchased the pattern a while ago, but I want to make something a bit shorter.




Earlier today, I stumbled upon this video of Patrick Swayze and his wife, Lisa Niemi dancing at the World Music Awards. I was a big fan of Swayze ever since I saw him in Red Dawn many years ago. I remember hearing he had developed pancreatic cancer and was saddened when I learned that he lost his battle with the disease. The first person I knew that had cancer was a young girl named Sherry. I was about ten years old, she was only five. Even at that age, I can remember the treatments she received, how much thinner she became, the hair loss, weakened condition and eventually her death. I’m guessing that is something I’ll always remember since I remember her being an active “little kid” until her condition became worse.

About eleven years ago, I was engaged. My fiancĂ©, who was divorced, had a daughter who died of cancer at four years old… he never recovered from that and always missed her, which is understandable. He never got to see our daughter since he was killed in a car accident (by a drunk driver) about a three weeks after I was pregnant. I didn’t even know I was pregnant at the time of his death. I’ve had a few relatives that have had cancer and uncle (74 years old) whom we lost last year and a cousin who lost her battle with breast cancer at the age of 24.

Currently, I’m knitting another hat for the NICU and cancer patients. This hat is small and squishably soft so will work perfectly for a young cancer patient. Hats are my favorite items to knit. They’re portable and can be simple or more elaborate like the knitted kitty hat I made for my daughter. It’s up to you. Sometimes people ask me why I create things for people I don’t know. It’s my hope that the items I create brings a little spark of happiness to the recipients. Lots of prayers go into the items I make and although I might know the person I truly hope and pray that they realize that their are strangers who care about them and hope they are healed.


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I remember you telling me about your Finance many years ago when we first started corresponding! I’m very sorry to hear about all of your connections to cancer. It’s awful. It’s getting to be even more of an issue, too! I’m actually going to touch base on that today or tomorrow in my post as well since a friend of mine just lost her battle with cancer this past weekend, too! 33 years old! WAY TOO YOUNG! But then again I say that about everyone’s age when they pass – regardless of how old they are! I, too, was a fun of Patrick Swayze! I was very upset to hear about his battle and his passing! I’m so happy to hear about your efforts – then again – you have MANY charities you contribute to! One of the many things I adore about you! We are running a Wildtree Fundraiser for Melissa – we already were running it but we will continue to run it for medical bills and her daughters she left behind. Again, I will post more about this later today or tomorrow! So sad!

I saw the Hobbit. I didn’t like it as I did the other ones but I can totally see how you have that knitted-connection! I thought the costumes and scenery was amazing! Those were my two fave parts of the movie!!!
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