Cleaning my “dirty” Toyota Prius 2003

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that my Toyota Prius is 18 years old! I bought the car used; it had two owners before me, and I believe both did a great job of keeping it clean. I like a clean car, so I do my best to keep it looking nice.


The proceeding pictures are before I cleaned my car photos. Yes, my car sure is filthy!

Before photos of my car, it’s so filthy! 🙂

Well, up front had not been touched. In the back, I’d just sprayed the seats with a cleaner and was about to steam them clean. Or that was the plan until I discovered a stain on the back seat once I’d sprayed the fabric.

Stain in the middle of the back seat.

I thought it was interesting how that stain just magically appeared when the fiber was wet.  If you look at the back seat, you’ll see a dark mark in the center of the seat. After a lot of spraying/vacuuming the area with the steamer, I was able to eliminate most of the stain, and although the carpets and seats appeared clean in my vehicle, I still was able to pull up a nice amount of dirt. That stain didn’t happen while I had the vehicle, so I imagine one of the former owners had a spill in the back seat? They might have mopped it up, and while it appeared clean on the surface as soon as the fiber became wet, voila! The stain made an appearance. I’ve been using my Shark to clean my car; however, I bought a portable car vacuum this past weekend.

VacLife Handheld vacuum

It’s the VacLife. I’m impressed that it holds a charge for longer than 10 minutes. Additionally, once I figured out how to properly place it on its base, I love it even more.

Bissell Little Green PROheat Carpet Cleaner

The wet/dry vac that I was using was the Bissell Little Green ProHeat handheld Deep Cleaner. I bought it last evening from Loews. It’s too early to give an accurate review of either item; however, I’m impressed with them thus far. Hopefully, they’ll both continue to do an excellent job. I did a lot of research before choosing both of them.


It’s been hectic (and stressful) the past several weeks, and when I feel stressed, I clean even more, and I’ll knit. Now that I think of it, I haven’t done any knitting in the past few weeks; however, I have ramped up cleaning. So our house is even cleaner than usual. I do believe I’ll take a break from that. Ok, I’ll still clean; I’ll go back to my normal level of cleaning (which still is above average, I guess) and start knitting. I have a few work-in-progress knitted items that are crying out for attention, one being a super soft woolen blanket that I started several months ago and have only knit a few rows. It’s high time I change that.




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