Cleansing Adventures: Coffee enema

Freshy ground coffee beans for enema
Freshy ground coffee beans for enema

I’m not a coffee drinker…

Ground coffee in Muslin cloth_1
Tying freshly ground coffee into cheese cloth

But I regularly use coffee enemas.

I’ve found the benefits from them to be well worth the coffee bean purchase.

Ground coffee in pot
Boiling freshly ground coffee


I do like natural remedies, but like anything else, I’ll research (and in some cases) try them out before making a decision. I don’t blindly believe something works, just because it’s ‘natural’.

But coffee enemas had some validity since it’s been used in Gerson therapy as an alternative way to treat cancer since the 1920’s.

Some of the health claims for coffee enemas are…

  • Aids in eliminating toxins from the liver. This seems to be valid, since endoscopic studies do show that coffee enemas does increase bile output.
  • Aids in healing the colon and stimulating peristalsis.

The “aids in healing the colon” really caught my attention since I had suffered chronic constipation ever since my appendices ruptured (and was removed) in 1992. After the surgery (even while eating a high fiber diet) it wasn’t uncommon for me to go weeks without having a bowel movement. That definitely wasn’t normal!


I tried herbal laxatives but those weren’t always effective for chronic constipation relief. Also, I had to take way more than the recommended dose to get my bowels to move. If the recommended dose was two I would be taking at least six.  You want to know something?  Within a few weeks after introducing coffee enemas into my natural health routine, I started having normal bowel movements. I don’t take them as often as when I was trying to get my digestive system back on track but just like the garlic enemas,  I take them a few times each month.

I included the above video done by April Goodwin of  I Keep Smiling. I love this women’s positive outlook on life.



Scientific Basis of Coffee Enemas

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You are slowly but surely convincing me to give enemas a try. 🙂
DragonLady recently posted..And so we will homeschool


Oh? Coffee does that? I can try that…but I only have instant at home, too lazy to brew freshly-ground coffee.
suituapui recently posted..I got mine…


Yet another thing you and I have discussed before – our battle with digestion! I’m so glad you are doing much better and I will say this past year has been AMAZING for me – being ‘regular’ for the first time in my life! 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Vegan MoFo ~ Quinoa Lentil Garam Masala