Celebrate Life: Comment Policy

Hello there!

My name is Opal. I’ve been actively blogging for over eight years. I chatting with my readers, so sit back, take a look around, and add to the conversation. I do enjoy chatting with my commentators.

Celebrate Life is a dofollow blog, so your comment will be picked up by search engines. Comment Luv is also used on this site. This addon will give you the option to link to one of your last ten posts.

Keywordluv is used on this site. To take advantage of this feature, just leave your name and the keywords (up to threee — any more and I’ll delete the comment)you want to use after the @ symbol.

Spam has no place on this site. I monitor my comments, because I actually read what my readers have to say. Which is why you’ll see me replying to most of the comments left here. Comments that don’t pertain to the post, or are clearly spam will get deleted.

At times I might write posts that you don’t agree with, in fact, at times you might disagree with what some of my commentators say. That’s perfectly fine, just remember to keep your replies civil.

Please note that first time comments will be moderated. Because I have a lot of Word Press add-ons enabled to reward my commentators I tend to receive a lot of spam comments. One way I avoid possible spam, is moderating the first comment.¬†However, if it’s a legitimate comment you don’t have to worry about your post wasting away in the moderation bin. It’s usually approved the same day.

Thanks again for stopping by Celebrate Life. I hope to see you soon.