Continuing to count our blessings

My nephew is visiting! I love my nephew, and although things are challenging at the moment, with both of my parents parents being sick. I still look forward to the time I have to spend with him.

I’d known that he’d be staying with us for a few months. I had made so many plans of things that we would do within the three days he was visiting. But, of course, things have drastically changed, and all the plans that I’d had made are out the window since both of my parents are sick. My father is at home; however, he requires round-the-clock care, and since Home Health Aide does not start until this Friday, we won’t be going anywhere. Additionally, until I’m comfortable with their Home Health Aides, I won’t be leaving my parents with them.

Groceries ready to be put away

Stocking up on Groceries

To stay on top of feeding my soon-to-be 15-year-old nephew, last evening, I placed an order with Amazon Fresh, and it arrived shortly before 8:00 AM. Remembering how much he can eat, I also trip to our local grocery store and purchased additional foods. I have not been to that store in months either, since my daughter and I do the majority of our grocery shopping at a Korean market that is 40 minutes away (one-way from where we live. So while the bags of food shown in the above picture might not seem like a lot to some, it’s a whole lot for my daughter and me. I now think that I have enough to feed my 6′ nephew that towers over my petite 5′ frame, and there should be plenty to carry my daughter, brother, and me into next week. My brother will be back in town and will stay with us to help out until our mother arrives home.

Parent Updates

My parents continue to improve. My father’s therapists were so pleased with his progress that they are looking to get him standing within the next few weeks. His physical therapist was at their home yesterday and raved at the improvements that he’d made. She asked me what I’d been doing. I told her I started pureeing foods for him, which he consumed by straw. HE COULD NOT HOLD THE CUP when I started about two weeks ago. Now he can hold the cup and straw without my assistance and becomes annoyed if I hold them for him. I love the progress. My mother is still in the hospital; however, she is making progress.

I’m now in my room for the evening while he and my daughter spend time laughing and just enjoying each other’s company. Listening to them interact with each other makes me smile. I hung with both of them for several hours.

Despite everything that has happened since October 2021, I still have many reasons to count my blessings and be thankful. I have a lovely daughter and supportive loved ones. Despite their unexpected health complications, both of my parents’ lives were spared. They could have died. I work remotely and have a great job. I’m in good health and can step in and assist with my father’s care within his home. I have a lovely daughter. I have a brother who is supportive and helps when possible. I have many loved ones that make sure we are all well. Thank you, God.

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Jennifer Bliss

Not sure if you would feel comfortable sharing which company you decided on or not or even if you want to text me – just curious – as I am now on the business end of Home Health Care and our Corporate Headquarters are not too far from you! Even if you didn’t go with the company I hope it works out with the one you chose. I know it’s a hard choice. I’m so excited that your nephew is spending time with you! And so glad to hear your parents are making progress! And that your work has been so supportive! HUGS!

Jennifer Bliss

I’m so glad to hear he’s making progress! I hope that continues! HUGS!


Great to have family for company at times like this. Some relief from the depression and the stress of caregiving. Stay strong, my friend – God bless you and all your loved ones.