Cooking adventures: Black beans & veggies with tomato soup

A few hours ago, I prepared my washed dry black beans in my eight (8) qt. Presto pressure cooker. I can’t stop talking about how much I love this kitchen appliance. It shortens the cooking time significantly. Twenty minutes later, my dried black beans were cooked to perfection!

Since, I foresee some very busy days in my future, I prepared an entire bag of the beans. The bulk of the black beans will be frozen and set aside for future meals; however, today I made this dish.

Bean w veggies_1 12.11.14
Black Beans with stir fried vegetables

It’s a simple dish of black beans and vegetables. See how colorful it is? It’s so good for you too. The vegetables added were broccoli and carrots. I also added ginger, onions, freshly ground Himalayan sea salt, cumin and coriander.


Bean w veggies and soup 12.11.14
Bean w veggies and soup


To accompany that, I added tomato soup. I’d made this soup on Monday, and it still tasted like the tomatoes had been recently picked from the garden. While my daughter feasted on the black bean and veggies, I curled up with a the mug of tomato soup that you see above. Savory, rich and simply delightful. While my daughter does eat meat, she much prefers veggie dishes and the meat dishes she does eat is served as a condiment. While some might think this is because I am the one preparing the meals, even when we go out to various events if she does select a meat dish, it will have vegetables.

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Looks and sounds amazing! Yes…LOVE the color! Gotta EAT the Rainbow 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Where Did This Week Go & Happy Mail


Oh! BTW…I have been reading about the new CuisineArt MultiCooker and I am intrigued!

Between your Presto and this one…makes me wonder if I should look into getting one 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Where Did This Week Go & Happy Mail


LOL – with all of my kitchen gadgets I need to re-work my kitchen! OR expand. I doubt either will happen but a girl can wish, can’t she!? LOL
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These look absolutely delicious. I have a pressure cooker as well and may have to start using it more.