Cooking Adventures: Ethiopian Cuisine; Tikil Gomen (Vegan)

Earlier today…

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Vegan_2
Ethiopian Cuisine; Tikil Gomen (Vegan)


I satisfied my craving for Ethiopian food and made Tikil Gomen (Ethiopian cabbage dish.)

I gathered the ingredients together…

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Ingredients_1
Yellow onions…


Onions were chopped and set aside

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Ingredients_4
finely chopped garlic…


Along with garlic, must not forget that!

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Ingredients_2
Cubed potatoes fresh from the garden…


Oh, we must not forget the potatoes. Guess what? They were dug up from our garden…

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Ingredients_3
Head of cabbage (cubed) from our garden…


We most certainly can’t forget the main ingredient… cabbage! Yes, this came from our garden also!


Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Ingredients_5
Thinly sliced carrots…


Whoops, before I close the pot, I must add carrots and add some spices and herbs!

Presto 8qt. Pressure Cooker


I guess it’s time to close my Presto 8qt. Pressure Cooker.

Ethiopian Cuisine Tikil Gomen_Vegan_2
Ethiopian Cuisine; Tikil Gomen (Vegan)


Ten minutes later, I opened the Pressure Cooker and was greeted with the wonderful aroma of this lovely Ethiopian dish… cooked to perfection!

There are a few firsts with this recipe. It’s the first time that I’ve made Tikil Gomen for my daughter. She really enjoyed it immensely. It’s also the first time I used my Presto 8 qt. Pressure Cooker, it arrived earlier today.

I must say, I really love the Pressure Cooker. Now I don’t have to look longingly at my 23 qt. Pressure Cooker that I use for canning. The Pressure Cooker makes everything tender. I imagine it would do an awesome job with meat.

Tomorrow I’m making Siga Wot (Ethiopian beef stew) for my daughter. Since my mother is working, I’ll be sure to make enough for my father.


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Your potatoes are red. Here, the only red ones would be sweet potatoes –

I just finished writing a post on how I cooked them with a local green vegetable – it was nice but not entirely vegan as I had dried prawns and prawn paste added – perhaps you can do away with those and it would be nice as well – with the sweetness from the veg and the sweet potatoes. Scheduled for this coming Sunday.
suituapui recently posted..Torn between two lovers…


Oh yes! This is AWESOME! YUM! YUM! I want some NOW!!! teehee
I’m eating a Jamaican Stirfry I made last night as I type this. I will posting about it a bit later today!
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I think some of the other potatoes might have a different taste. Everything listed i eat and like. The only thing I am not sure about is what spices. Garlic goes good with potatoes and onions always. I like carrots any way you can eat them and cabbage or Sauerkraut is good also.
ken recently benefit of garlic