Creating databases in Microsoft Access

Worklife is still busy; however, since I’m working at home. I honestly don’t mind it since I no longer have to compete with traffic and the office politics that can rear its ugly head now and again. But in some ways, I am working in an office setting. Our company uses Microsft Teams, and a large part of our day is training. Our company uses Microsoft Teams exclusively for their remote training. We do have labs; however, all that is in a virtual environment. Technology is amazing. We’re all on camera, so we see each other in real-time. After the oddity of interacting this way wore off, we’ve made connections, and we’ve grown to enjoy interacting with each other. I must say that I will genuinely miss the group once our training ends and we all move to our permanent teams.

We’re slowly gaining momentum; I find that I’m thinking of ways to keep track of my performance. I’ve constantly challenged myself and demand more of myself than anyone else, so this is no surprise. With what I have in mind, I’m leaning towards creating a database in Microsoft Access. I used to use that program religiously when I worked in the health insurance field in the early 2000s. I made numerous reports for the departments that worked under my division, and in fact, they named many of those reports after me, and they were sent out daily to the organization that was our contractor. The thing is, I haven’t used Access in years. About 20 minutes ago, I logged onto Access to familiarize myself with it and see if there was anything new. At first glance, it looks similar to the database that I became I loved. When I did some quick research, it appears there was some speculation if Microsoft Access would become obsolete. I find that hard to believe, and further digging seems to support my thoughts. To catch me up with what’s new in Access, I do think I’ll purchase this book and perhaps a few others.

My “me time” will be spent reacquainting myself with an ‘old friend’ Microsoft Access this weekend. So, besides spending additional time with my daughter this weekend, it looks like I have something else to occupy my “free” time.


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