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As I sit here typing while riding my stationary bike, I started thinking about certain things I do daily. Until a few months ago, hopping on my exercise bike for an hour was the first thing I did upon awakening. However, now that’s not always the case. In fact, there were a few weeks where I did not get on the exercise bike at all. This is a first for me since riding the bike every day was something that I did upon receiving the bike in May. During the week, my workday routine hasn’t changed. I’m still packing my lunch and water daily.

I consume water daily, that hasn’t changed in fact it’s increased, and now, some of those daily sips of water are carbonated. I’m really loving Drinkmate and will have to write a thorough review once I’ve used it for a few months. Although I can carbonate anything, what I carbonate most is water!

On weekends I typically make food in bulk, so if I don’t feel like preparing meals, I have to look in our deep freezer and choose what I want, heat and prepare. It’s also when I tend to do more modules with my online class. Weekends are also when I tend to focus on knitting or sewing, although the last several weeks, I haven’t done much of either. However, this weekend, I do believe I will focus on knitting. Since I started a pair of socks, using a modified by my pattern, I would like to finish within the next few weeks.

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The exercise part of my routine is almost the last thing that I do.  I tend to snack in the evening and, by walking a couple of hours in after supper, my craving seems to be reduced.It’s not always successful, though.