Declutter: Light at the end of the tunnel

Whew… it’s been busy around these parts. Yesterday I tackled the laundry, three loads later and I was finally completed. Since it was, a hot day outside the clothes was able to hang outside to dry. I love the smell of clothes that have been dried on the line. We live in a rural area, so we really don’t have to deal with too much smog, and other odors that can make your line dried clothes smell, well… funky.

The bad part of being busy with the day to day housecleaning, keeping up with my clients (I’m a business owner who works from home), and just hanging out with my daughter meant that I’ve had to push a few “me time” online projects on hold. Like posting here at I’m Celebrate Life, or finally publishing one of my recipes for Black Bean Burgers, trust me, I’ll it them done, just not as soon as I was hoping.

I’m really happy with how things are shaping up with my bedroom. Last week, I tossed clothes in heavy-duty bags and piled them neatly in one corner of my bedroom. This past weekend, I went through the years of clothing I’ve accumulated and put many in my “give away” pile. Some of these outfits I’ve had for twenty years, I do think it’s kind of cool that I can still wear the clothes that I wore at eighteen (size four) but come on now… time to get rid of them! Since I always took care of my belongings (even the items that are twenty years old) they still look nice. You want to know something else? Those clothes never go out of style! I kept around four of my older pieces since I still wear them. Anyway, I hope all the items I’ve gathered find some great new homes.

Children can share too…

My daughter gathered up a several of her toys and told me to give them to children that really needed them. “Mommy, she said, “I know some children really don’t have a lot of toys to play with, I would like to share some of what I have with them. Can you see that they get them?” My reply, “I sure can!” It’s important to teach my daughter to be appreciative of what she does have, and don’t take it for granted. One of the ways I show her the importance is leading by example. I enjoy helping others and actively volunteer for local human and animal organizations.

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That’s really sweet that your daughter wanted to share. I try to teach my son good values like that. I also try to teach him to value what he has. He isn’t a very material person which is nice to see.

If only more kids were like that, right!?


@kaozz, I agree teaching value is important too. My daughter still doesn’t completely understand the value of things (she’s seven years old) but she’s learning not to take things for granted. 🙂

Mitchell Allen

Hi Moondancer!

You have what I love to call a Coffeetable blog: a delightful collection of interesting topics, sure to please any visitor to your online home 🙂

Since you and I were just talking about simplifying our lives, I figured I would comment here. I like that your daughter doesn’t take things for granted. My wife and I instilled the spirit of giving into our children and it is so precious that they do so willingly.

If we, as adults, continually recommit to giving away what we don’t need any longer, clutter will be minimal.

I’ve put your RSS feed into my Feedly and I’ll be back!




Heya @Mitchell Allen,

A coffee table blog, I like that! Now I’m thinking of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer had that coffee table book. 🙂

This site is a recreation of a blog that I started in 2003. I wrote their for a little over four years. In hindsight, I should have taken an extended break instead of letting the url expire.

Instilling values, such as teaching our children how to simplify their lives is extremely important, since it can save them from a lot of unnecessary things later on in life, which of course can assist them in staying debt free. 🙂 At times I need to remind myself that there are certain items, I simply don’t need. It has felt great removing items from our home.


I’ve actually been pretty good about attacking clutter the last few days. I kinda try to make it a habit to clean up when I feel like I have nothing to do, but I never go overboard – it’s just a little bit here, a little bit there, and things definitely get maintained.

That having been said, this computer space is quickly turning into a mess – I’m working too much here…


Well dear, you should be proud. Your daughter sounds like a special little girl.


Thanks @Rose,

I’m really happy about that. I do try to lead by doing those same things myself.