Deep Forest: Marta’s Song

Marta’s Song, is my favorite song from the CD Deep Forest…

This song was playing when I walked into a New Age store, Touch the Earth, in the late 1990’s. I remember asking Darren, staff on duty, the name of the CD. I purchased the CD that day.

I have great memories of that store and I credit them for introducing me to aromatherapy. The staff was always helpful and extremely knowledgeable about aromatherapy and a variety of other alternative remedies.

Good news, the juice cleanse is going very well. Yesterday evening, around 7:00 p.m., I was hit with a wave of tiredness but that didn’t last too long. Soon afterwards, I juiced and drank my last juice for the evening and I felt much better.

This morning, I awoke with more energy than I normally. I must say that is very impressive since dogs within the neighborhood were barking around 1:30 a.m.  Unfortunately, this triggered Bentley (our Shih Tzu)  to start barking. Since I’m a light sleeper naturally that awakened me and I was up for about two hours before the neighbor dog finally shut up.

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Thanks for this! I enjoyed it! I will be googling and wiki-ing it more! And YouTubing! Gotta LOVE the ‘net for things just like this, eh!?

Glad your juicing is going well! I have been thinking about ya!
Jennifer recently posted..Harmutty STGFOP 1 CL, 2nd Flush 2013, Assam from Lochan Tea Limited


Nice, great video. Reminds me of Enigma’s “Back to innocence”. Loved the video for that one too. Heard people saying the song is satanic though – did not change me in anyway.
suituapui recently posted..Just one more…