Deer sampling the garden

Well, my suspicions were confirmed Sunday evening.

There’s a doe that has been checking out our garden. In the above photo, you can see her right behind the fence. My garden is completely fenced, so she’s hopped the fence and feasted on some garden beds. The ones that had my beautiful collards and cabbage. She ate all of them! Since I know they don’t particularly care for the scent of humans, I have attached some of my loose hair to the garden beds, and I also got an ultrasound device that emits a high-pitched sound. Hopefully, that will be enough to keep her away.

Yoki, our working line German shepherd, heard her outside, was not thrilled at all, and started barking, aka fussing. Ms. Doe did not stay around too long; however, the camera did show her return this morning a little after 3:00 am. This fall, I will install a deer fence. It’s 8′ tall, so that I won’t have this issue next year. We have deer since we live in the woods; this is the first year they have been a nuisance for me.

Yesterday afternoon, I returned to the garden pick up more of the produce. There s still a lot more to get. I’ll hopefully finish that tomorrow. What’s in the five-gallon bucket? Cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and many peaches! I will make a peach cobbler or peach pie using some of the peaches I picked.

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Ooooo…a deer!!!