Designing a hook and needle case; sewing

This evening, after my tiny crochet pattern test is completed, I believe I’ll take some time to make a carrying case for my hooks and needles.

Reasons I’m interested in Knit Picks Options interchangeable knitting needles

I admit, the main reason for me to get active in making a case is my recent purchase from Knit Picks. Yesterday, I received an email stating that my Knit Picks interchangeable nickel plated circular knitting needles had shipped! I’m excited for a few reasons…

  1. Interchangeable circular knitting needles are appealing, since I can simply “add on” tips or cable length depending on my needs.
  2. I won’t have to keep going to Michaels to purchase yet another circular needle. I have plenty of those, and will continue to use them. Always nice to have backups… you know?
  3. Since Knit Picks cable lengths go up 60,” I’ll be able to start on some of my larger knitting projects, such as the knitted Coraline sweater for my daughter, the knitted Guernsey sweater for my father, and eventually I’ll knit the Sylvi coat for myself. I’ve always disliked working larger projects on straight knitting needles, since the excess weight as the project grew had no where to go, It just hung at the end of the straight knitting needles. With circulars, due to the long cable used for larger projects, the weight falls into your lap.

Judging by the tracking number provided I should receive them next week. And while a carrying case is provided with the needles, I do believe I’ll design and sew one to hold all my hooks and needles.

I have a few designs floating around in my head, and so I’ll sketch them out on paper.┬áSince I also sew, I have plenty of fabric choices to choose from, and while I have a few ideas in my mind, I haven’t narrowed it down… yet.

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The interchangeable needles are wonderful. I have some but I don’t think they are the same brand that you have. Still, it was so nice to get a case of them like that instead of having to buy needles separately in every size. Plus, they store neatly! The last thing I sewed was an apron not long ago. I made it out of fabric from old sheets that my last client was going to use for rags. The sheets had a pretty little design on them and it came out well. I’ll have to post pics of it sometime. I also made a snowsuit in high school – that was a very detailed project and probably put me off sewing for a while. LOL.
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