Diamonds and pearls shawl; knitting

Since I’ve completed knitting the Elizabeth cowl. I decided to move onto another knitted project. I’m sure my regular readers have noticed that I’ve been on a knitting kick for the past  past few months…

While flipping through a knitting book; The Knitters Book of Yarn, I stumbled upon a lovely shawl pattern designed by Shelia January, it’s called Diamonds and Pearls.

Knitting: Diamonds and Pearls shawl
I’m almost at the halfway mark with my knitted Diamonds and pearls shawl

Today’s been busy, working on clients projects, gardening, and of course hanging with my daughter. I’ve managed to squeeze in additional exercise to what I did outdoors, and when I arrived back inside I managed to knock out 37 rows of the knitted Diamonds and Pearls shawl. Which means, I’m almost at the halfway mark. Which isn’t too bad for about two hours of knitting.

Knitting: Diamonds and pearls shawl

The yarn I’m using for this shawl will be different than what’s suggested; silk. I really wanted to see how 100% cotton would fare, after a bit of online searching I found a few other knitters who took the all cotton shawl plunge, and so I’m curious to see how this shawl looks once it’s finished. I’m not concerned about drape or stitch definition, since both are amazing when working with cotton. However I’m aware that cotton does stretch somewhat, and it doesn’t bounce back. How will this fare in a shawl pattern? I don’t think it’ll be an issue. But we shall see. Since this is a test project, I most likely will make this for myself.

Of course the name of the shawl made me think of the song by Prince; Diamonds and Pearls.


Edited to add…

Whoops, I completely forgot to add a link to the knitted  Diamonds and Pearls shawl errata page. Updates are listed under page 203 and 204. I mainly come up with my own patterns, but if I do follow a pattern, I always check to see if there is an errata page. The Diamonds and Pearls shawl only has a few errors. but they are important — with the first error appearing within the first row.


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Jeremy@Wedding Planners Calgary

Really like your passion about knitting. Its art, its hobby and its definitely a skill which gives you pride.
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