Easter Sunday: My Ankarsrum 6230 arrived today

Our state is still under shelter in place, so that means church services are being conducted online by those churches that have that capability.

Shortly before 1:00 PM today, my Ankarsrum 6230 arrived.

As much as I’ve been looking forward to its arrival, I would have thought I’d have opened that box immediately. However, I didn’t do that until a few hours later. My mixer arrived in dual boxes. The one shown above and upon opening the exterior box,

there was an interior box. I was very much impressed with how everything was packaged.



Ankarsrum USA did an excellent job of making sure the mixer was secure.

It even came with this hardcover cookbook that you see. It’s 104 pages.

Since I already know how to set up the mixer from watching numerous videos on Youtube, I didn’t have any issues and I was able to take my Ankarsrum for a spin.

What did I make? Something simple. I made chocolate chip cookies. The majority of the cookie dough has been placed in the freezer. Perhaps I’ll bake them later this week.

My daughter enjoyed the 15 chocolate chip cookies that I baked today.


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