Electrotherapy update, part deux

Well, I’m experiencing some skin shedding on the dark spots. I took a rough cotton hand towel and scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed off the flaking skin.

Opal_2 2.13.15
Oh my, here I am staring off into space! 😉


Opal Reply:

@Jennifer, I’m liking it thus far. I’m getting some peeling already, which is a really nice surprise. I wasn’t even expecting to get that with elecrotherapy. I researched it a lot, but guess I’ll have to do a bit more about the skin shedding. Under the shed skin, there’s my normal skin color, so yeah!
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As I told Jennifer, in the comment section of my last post, I did not know that skin shedding was part of this. I wonder if it’s from the electrotherapy or a combination of all that I’m doing? Hmm…

Opal_1 2.13.15
I look so much like my father. Wow…


Either way, I’m really happy, so yeah!


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oh WOW! I’m glad you are thrilled with the results! LOVE that photo! I don’t know if I have seen many straight infront face photos of you – I usually see them from the side/profile. I do remember the one years ago with your coat and scarf tho! That’s been a while ago I guess.
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I have been using natural wipes with peach and willow bark I like them so far
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That’s a great idea with those crocheted pads!!! Nice 🙂
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