Everyday we’re craftin’

This past Sunday, I took a break from knitting to work on craft bags for my daughters classmates.

After church, my daughter and I headed to Micheals to purchase card stock, a few clear acrylic stamps, and fun little gadgets/snacks to add to the bags. When we were back home, my daughter picked out a cute turkey digital stamp, she colored most of the turkeys while I cut, printed out names.

My daughter loves glitter glue


She added glitter to the names…

While I embossed the brown paper bags with my Cuttlebug, glued and added the turkeys to the bags. It took us about five hours to complete everything.

My daughter colored and added designs to each turkey based on the classmates preferences. She’s pays attention to others, such a remarkable trait. It’s something I’ve taught her since she was born. Often times I put her needs above my own. Not only am I the parent, she’s also a great friend. I enjoy spending time with her.

My daughter colored the bags based on her classmates preferences…


But yesterday morning, I couldn’t help but think I could add something more to the turkey. The poor thing didn’t have any feathers after all… and then it hit me! I could use leaves! While part of me was thrilled that I found a solution, the other part really didn’t want to cut the turkeys/names off the old bags, and reapply them (with ‘feathers’) to brand new bags! That was more work, and I didn’t have a lot of time. But that’s exactly what we did.

Thanksgiving bags are ready to go to school!


My daughter and I completed the changes before school. Hooray for teamwork!

My daughter thought the boys in her class would think the bags were lame. But they didn’t, they really liked them. Quite a few asked how they were made, and we told them. Of course, I made extras bags just in case… but I didn’t need them. I know all the children in her class, and so the leftovers were given to her teacher who liked our crafty idea too.

Spending the time together, was a great chance to bond with my daughter. It was also a great opportunity to talk about a variety of topics.  She’s told me often, that she appreciates that I like spending time with her. listen to some of her frustrations.

Sometimes parents need to keep their mouths shut, and listen to what their children have to say. You really need to make time, since if you don’t they might not have time for you as they get older.


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Ooooo…those bags are absolutely beautiful!!! So very nice.

Happy Thanksgiving! It’s tomorrow, 22nd…right?
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These are a hoot! LOVE them! Love the colors, too! How fun! I really need to catch up on your blog but also post a bunch on mine! I’m so behind! eeeeek!
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3 posts today with more on the way 🙂 teehee
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