Exercise: Similar routine; different location

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I’m happy to report that exercising outside of the home is going very well. Exercise has always been a part of my life the only major change I’m seeing is getting back into the gym. I’ve been a gym member with the same exercise facility for the past ten years. The last year I have done the majority of my workouts at home. Thankfully I have a gym at home, complete with a treadmill, free weights, pilates machine, workout bench, so the exercises I am doing at the gym are similar. Of course, there is additional equipment available at the gym but the workout (and the intensity I always bring) is still the same.You don’t need gym equipment to work out at home. Sometimes I do simple exercises like pushups, sit-ups, scissor kicks, ab exercises. All you need is your body to complete those.

Cardiovascular activity

Although I’m a free-weights lover, I do realize the importance of cardiovascular activity and make an effort to include it in my daily lifestyle. It’s been part of my routine since I was a child. As a child, the cardio activity  involved some type of outdoor activities such as gardening, mowing the lawn, biking, running, hiking, and sports (team related and pick up groups started with my friends). As an adult I picked up additional activities; inline skating, cross trainer, and the elliptical trainer.

A nice bonus for staying physically active and following a healthy diet is I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight. I’m still the same size I was at 17 (size 4) and the benefits of staying fit is amazing. When I was pregnant, I added twenty-two pounds of weight, and dropped it within two months after my daughter was born. I worked out through pregnancy. When I work out at the gym, my cardiovascular activity is usually getting on the cross trainer or elliptical machine for 25 to 30 minutes. Around the fifteen to twenty-minute mark the amount of fat burned increases significantly, since cardio is part of my routine excessive fat does not have a chance to accumulate. The bodies metabolism decreases as we age, but I really haven’t noticed a difference.

Cardiovascular activity can still be done at home. Jumping jacks, jogging in place, squats, scissor kicks, are a few exercises I do at home. It keeps you active, your still burning calories, and you’re reaping the benefits of exercise.

Cardio exercises at home


Recommended Home Workouts:

  1. Zumba



  1. MSN Health: Triggering Your Body to Burn Fat

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Hi Opal,
I’m a bit on the lazy side, but I’m getting back into what I need to do. Today I lifted some weights and got my heart pumping. Tomorrow, I will do more. 😉

Thanks for this post, I needed it. You are truly an inspiration!

Take care,

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Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

Hi Opal,
After reading your post, I think I should start eating healthy and exercise more regularly. If what you’re doing in order to maintain your desired weight is just like as you say it is, then I will definitely follow a healthy diet little by little, avoid those fatty/junk foods, and do more exercise. Thank you for sharing!
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Felicia @ No Deposit Poker

Hi Opal,
Been following a healthy diet some time now and I must say I like what I’ve been feeling right now! I feel less tired and I don’t seem to feel hungry every time. Even if there are many times I don’t get to exercise, I don’t feel sluggish anymore. Thanks for the motivation! 🙂
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Hey Opal! Hope you’re doing well. I started walking again every day, recently, as well as lifting some weights and exercises at home. I will try that work out, though when I jumprope sometimes it gives me headaches lol. This one looks pretty good.

We’re thinking of getting a gym membership soon. I think it would be real good for us. Popped in for some healthy Opal ideas 😉


You are inspiring : ) I am 25 and I struggle with a workout routine. I feel I don’t have time between 2 kids a fulltime job and being a part time student, but the truth is, by the time I get about 30 minutes of “nothing” I just want to rest! I do eat right and this is really important to me, that my children are stuctured about eating habits, but it is a rare occasion for me to get in a good workout (beside a weekend hike). So thank you! You make me want to get up and do it!
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Dave Cousin

I often just don’t find the gym inspiring so exercising outside its great and exploring more of your local area too, good to have the gym though for when the weather isn’t so good though its the thought of the Sauna after that gets me there on cold winter nights.