Eye strain and blue light

Two Saturdays ago, I wasn’t feeling good at all. I felt so bad that I actually went to bed early (around 9:00 PM) that night. I’d planned to stay up late with my daughter; however,  that wasn’t happening. I had just finished installing The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and had started playing/looking around within the game when I was hit with a quest stomach/nausea. I promptly logged off. Since I continued, my stomach was still doing somersaults after I logged off, I decided to go to bed early.

Initially, I attributed my reaction to the laptop computer and game. The opening scene is barren, and the graphics/contrast is harsh for my sensitive eyes, and even though I had played less than 15 minutes the night before, I figured the game that was causing the issue. I was on my laptop a lot on Sunday. However, I was online completing an insurance course.  Nausea and the stomach queasiness became so bad that I thought I might experience all the lovely things that go along with an upset stomach. Once again, I lay down so that the nauseous feeling I was experiencing would go away. I was disappointed since I’d planned to complete many of my online coursework on Sunday, but that wasn’t happening. A few hours later, I felt slightly better, and I decided to do an online search about eye strain, nausea, and computers. From my readings, the blue light from computer monitors can cause this issue. My daughter told me that I most likely was one of the people susceptible to this sort of thing. After I did some more research, I changed the blue light settings on my computer by permanently changing the Acer Blue Light Shield settings, and guess what? I no longer feel nauseous, which is excellent news for me. I could have also changed the settings from the Windows operating system.

No more queasiness

The next day, I’m happy to say that I no longer had any issues when doing my coursework online, which is excellent news for me since I’m spending more “downtime” on the computer when I’m not working; I’m preparing for a few online certifications, which has increased my computer time (when not at work) tremendously. I still might purchase a blue light screen filter for this laptop computer. I’m currently researching those to see what’s the best option.

Although I’ve installed The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, I most likely won’t have the chance to play it too much. Priorities, ya know? Last evening, per my daughter’s request, I also installed (or should I say that I’m currently installing Genshin Impact. It’s a game that she plays on her PlayStation 4 and is something she would like me to play or at least checkout.



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