Fermentation adventures: Water Kefir grains – look how they’ve grown

Unlike the first grains, I took before and after pictures of my water kefir grains rapid growth.

Water Kefir Grains_1.10.27.14
Rehomed water kefir grains – one quart Mason jar

The above picture, is a recycled photo… I’ve shown it before but this is how my water kefir grains appeared when I first received them; one cup of healthy water kefir grains, just waiting to do their thing. I kept them in a one quart mason jar.


Water Kefir Grains_2 11.4.14

They started growing and I placed them in a one gallon glass jar. The above picture was taken two days ago…

Water Kefir Grains_1 11.06.14
Multiplying water kefir grains in one gallon jar


The above picture was taken yesterday, just one day later. One days growth! Amazing, right? I was so excited with these rapidly multiplying water kefir grains that I swapped out my advanced post and I decided to publish this post instead.

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WOW! That IS amazing! And exciting!
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