Fermenting Adventures: Fermented Honey Garlic

Garlic is a powerful natural antibiotic (thanks to the allicin it contains).

Fermented honey garlic_1 10.19.14
Fermenting honey garlic

I consume raw garlic throughout the year, but usually increase the amount taken during the cold and flu season. While I don’t mind eating it raw, my daughter really doesn’t like its bite and so I mix hers with other food.

One way she will eat raw is in a fermented honey garlic. After a few months, the garlic loses its bite. It will still smell like garlic but without the sharpness that she dislikes and it will taste like garlic honey. She munches on a few cloves of the fermented garlic honey at night. Why? By morning the garlic smell has left her body.

I made another batch about an hour ago. I put my garlic cloves in a mason jar, and submerge it with honey. I leave about 2″ head space. The cloves won’t stay covered so be sure to shake daily to insure the garlic stays coated. I usually just turn the jar upside down on the next day and continue to rotate until ready. We consume the honey garlic alone and I also drizzle it over stir fry, add a dollop to already prepared soup and I use it in many other ways too.

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While I do love my garlic – and I do have some pickled garlic from a local shop in my frig – I had not thought of it being placed in honey. Neat idea!

I know you do a lot with honey and your bees – but I do know you are vegan, too…but your daughter isn’t. Do you consume honey or just make it for your family and friends? So I guess my question is…are you vegan or beegan? teeheee
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I totally know what you mean. Eventho I am vegan diet-wise I feel weird about calling myself vegan because of the strictest of strict vegans out there. I strive to eat vegan but even if I ask while out their kitchens could still slap butter on something. I try to avoid it but sometimes – if it’s out of my control – at least I attempted, ya know!?

Eventho I prefer agave or other natural sweeteners – I did try some raw honey a few months ago – so I guess since that one was ‘on me’ I should probably say ‘beegan’ LOL – but yeah! I know what you mean about that vegan label!

I totally understand what you mean about wool – especially when it comes to smaller mom and pop farms! I think that harshness is mostly in the factory farm world.

I have heard both sides of the bee debate as well. I agree – that if we support small family beekeepers who actually CARE about the bees that is something I can usually get behind. I guess for those reasons – I feel weird about calling myself vegan – you and I have chatted about that 🙂 Most of the time I will say ‘mostly vegan’ but then you have the hardcore vegans who say…then you are ‘not vegan’ which is true, in my case, but I guess it’s one of those things…sigh…

I know you know what I mean 🙂
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