Fermenting adventures: First time making kimchi

I’m finally getting around to posting pictures of my kimchi preparation.

Kimchi Prep 1
Freshly chopped cabbage for kimchi

In hindsight, I don’t think I made kimchi before. I’ve made other fermented foods, but the more I think about it, I’m almost positive kimchi wasn’t what I prepared. Regardless, I’m excited about fermenting foods on a more regular basis. With this first batch, I can see a few mistakes I made, but those will be corrected the next time I make kimchi. The cabbage was mildly sweet.

kimchi prep 2
Combining the ingredients for my fermented kimchi

I added carrots, leeks, radish and onions. I then added some freshly ground spices, hot peppers, hot pepper powder, salt, water and a few other things. I’ll be sure to check on the kimchi towards the end of this week. Hopefully, all will be well and we’ll have some delicious kimchi!

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Wonderful colors in this!!!! LOVE IT! Good luck! Looking forward to future posts on your progress and outcome!
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I tried to reply to the above and it wouldn’t let me 🙂 No worries! I’ll just comment here instead 🙂

I like Spicy! I’ve been doing some spicy mayo spreads – like with chickpeas and then I have also made some raw vegan alfredo sauces and used half the batch as-is and the other half kickin’ it up a notch with some spice! YUM!
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