Fermenting Adventures: Packing the Sauerkraut

Earlier today, I set about prepping my sauerkraut for the fermenting pot. Last evening, I’d set the produce aside in a weak brine solution that I’d prepared and today, I rinsed the quartered cabbage thoroughly and started chopping up all that produce.

Sauerkraut_4 08.24.14
Cabbage ready to be chopped for sauerkraut


It looks lovely, don’t you think?

Sauerkraut_2 08.24.14

I chopped the cabbage with one of my large knives. I guess, it took about twenty to thirty minutes to chop everything. Who knows? I wasn’t really counting.


Sauerkraut_1 08.24.14
Cabbage and other things stuffed into my fermentation pot. It’s not sauerkraut yet, but it will be in 2-4 weeks.

Once the chopping was finished, I started adding the produce layers to the fermentation pot. In between the produce layers, I sprinkled salt and other seasonings. I continued to do this until I stuffed everything into my 4 gallon fermentation clay pot.

Sauerkraut leaves covering.08.24.14
Cabbage leaves covering produce


I then placed the outer cabbage leaves on top of the produce. The leaves keep the shredded produce trapped. I weighed everything down with a few plates and set a weight on top of the plates. Tomorrow, I’ll take a peek to see if the brine is covering the shredded produce. If not, I’ll add enough water to complete this task. The next time I’ll check, will be about the two week mark. If it’s not ready, I’ll check two weeks later.

Sauerkraut in crock_1 08.24.14

Although we have been having some cooler temperatures, we’re still have some hot days ahead. Because of this, it might not take as long to ferment as it would during the cooler months.


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I guess these fermented stuff is an acquired taste. I know many who love the Korean kimchi but personally, I’m not a fan…nor am I fond of this German sauerkraut either which is the favourite of many as well.
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It DOES look lovely! Awesome colors!!!! So fun! LOVE eating the rainbow 🙂
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