File cabinets: Organization queen…

Yesterday, I ordered a filing cabinet (black) from my local Office Depot. Originally, I was going to order them from Amazon but… I decided to check to see if I could find them cheaper at a local store, and… I did. This filing system was on sale for $59.99, originally priced at $99.99. Score! I did have a filing cabinet that was a bit smaller, but last year I got rid of it because it wouldn’t close all the way. I held off purchasing a replacement long enough. Now, with the addition of the filing cabinet, I can easily put away hard copy documents that I need to keep on hand.

We print a lot of paper in our house, easily 300 sheets weekly, no it’s not something we can cut down on either since my having physical copies is a requirement for what I do and for my daughter’s homeschooling.

Of course… I’ve thought about making digital copies of the documents that I keep in my filing cabinet. To be fair, at least one piece of each document that is stored has some part scanned electronically. I just haven’t convinced myself to scan it all. That would be a lot of extra busy work. Hmm, perhaps set up a proposal and see if my daughter would be interested in picking up a side job? She has her chores, but this.. yes, I’d pay her to scan those documents.

Currently, I’m researching laser printers, with the amount of printing we are doing weekly, my Epson Workforce 3640 is running through the ink. In addition, I’m researching shredders. I’ll need one eventually for some sensitive documents that I have. When I do finally decide on a shredder, it will be a cross-cut shredder.

Organization? What’s not to love! I easily find whatever I’m looking for because I keep documents stored away in order. Yes, sometimes, I don’t want to take the time to set things up, but the benefits make this step worthwhile. Flying by the seat of my clothes when it comes to organization? If I know about it in advance, that’s not going to happen. I’m teaching my daughter the same thing.

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Jennifer Bliss

Great deals! I have been doing a lot of research on things I can do as an adult who has Dyslexia to help organize myself. It’s an ongoing battle for sure!
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