First day of school

This made me laugh…
A Teacher's School Year

Thankfully, my daughter is not one of those students that make their teachers nuts. Each year, her teachers tell me how well behaved she is and what a joy it is to have her in their class. She knows to pay attention in class and be respectful of others. I taught her that. She also does very well in her classes. The times she has struggled with various topics, I’ve helped her at home until she understood the concept.

But enough of the rambling, time to write about my daughter’s first day of school…

She had a great time! I wasn’t surprised, I knew she would after she got over the “back to school jitters”. Based on her skills, she was placed in the highest math class along with her best friend. There are three math classes for her grade. The children are placed based on their abilities. Naturally, I was one proud momma. It’s been a busy day for her and I heard all about it once I picked her up from school. Her two close friends she saw throughout the summer, but returning to school allowed her to reconnect with acquaintances and she met a few new students also. I pray that the students and teachers all have a wonderful year!


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You’ve got a wonderful daughter there, a pleasure for a teacher to have in any class. I know people who push the blame to teachers when kids do not behave or do not do well but personally, I feel it all boils down to the parents’ upbringing of their children – the foundation that they lay will determine how their children will do and what they do in school. You’ve done a very good job there, Opal.

All the best to your girl. You’ve made your mama proud – keep it up!
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That graphic is cute! Your daughter always shines so bright in everything she does! She’s an amazing young lady! Learns from the best! Her mom’s a wonderful woman! 🙂
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