First time picking up the Native American flute

About an hour ago, my Native American Flute arrived from High Spirits. Of course, I’d been waiting for it most of the day, but it did not arrive until almost 5:00 p.m. No fault of High Spirits or even the delivery company for that matter. I imagine they had a busy day.

Since then, I’ve been acquainting myself with the sounds it makes… I’m stumbling along the and enjoying every moment of this journey. My daughter has been encouraging and has even hopped onto the piano to following along with the sounds I made and eventually branching off on her own little musical world, where she composed her own pieces.

Red Tail Hawk


I’ll have to post pictures of me unwrapping the flute. I purchased the High Spirits Red Tail Hawk. This flute is made with cedar and I can faintly smell it whenever I play. It’s purely coincidental that the name of the flute I chose is also the name of one of my favorite birds; Red Tail Hawk. I see them often right around our home.

First time playing a Native American flute

The above video (really an audio since you don’t see me) are the sounds I made after picking up my Native American flute for the first time. The flute literally went from the box to my hands and my daughter started recording. I’m not embarrassed at the fumbles I make and can even laugh at those mistakes. You really got to keep your fingers over the holes, if not it squeaks in a most unattractive way!

When trying something new, it’s important to not become discouraged! You’re learning, so relax and enjoy the experience.



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