Folded like a deck of cards…

Ok, so I didn’t wait to receive the order for those Hiya Hiyas. A few hours later, I went back and purchased the 5″ Hiya Hiya Sharp steel interchangeable set.

In my defense, Yarn Bazaar’s store owner, Jo Ellen, responded to my email quickly. I included the correspondence below…

Than you so much, I look forward to trying out the Hiya Hiya needle. If I like them, I’ll purchase the set. I still am unsure which one to choose the 4″ or 5″ set.

I hope you are having a wonderful day.



Hello Opal,

 You are very welcome. We make every effort to provide the best customer service at all times. My personal preference is the 5” needle as I have a larger hand. The 4” needle just seems too short for me hold.


You might want to check our website as the HiyaHiya interchangeable sets are 10% while supplies last.

We are having our Year End Clearance Sale with some very good bargains!


Best regards,

Jo Ellen



I value customer service, just because I’m a virtual shopper, doesn’t mean I want to be ignored. With my busy schedule, it wouldn’t make sense (nor would it be economical) to purchase everything in person. I simply don’t have the time to be running all over Maryland, and the surrounding states to receive items I use. So for me, virtual shopping is a blessing.

Even though I shop virtually, I still enjoy interacting with the store owners, although in those cases the communication is via email. If I send  you an email please respond, ok? My emails are always nice/polite. Often times, I’ll send an email just to see if I get a response. If I do, I’ll be sure to shop at your online store again, and promote your place to others.

But back to the Hiya Hiya set, since I saw that there were only six left in stock I went ahead and purchased the set. To make me like the store even more, I was thrilled to learn that both orders have shipped today! How’s that for speedy customer service. If I’m ever in that part of New Jersey, I’ll be sure to visit the Yarn Bazaar.


I can’t wait to try out my Hiya Hiya sharp steel set. I’m really thrilled to have interchangeable that go all the way down to a needle size of 2!

So much for waiting to try out the first order! I folded like a deck of card, and I’m perfectly fine with that!

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I also do a lot of shopping online, it’s so convenient, and safe these days as well with Paypal and stuff. How nice that you can do all those crafts, my mother is brilliant at knitting and crocheting as well, she is lots into amigurumis, I have a huge collection of things that she’s made, I’ll have to brag about her in a blog post some time :).
Thanks for stopping by my blog! How did you find my link? Just curious :).
Susanne recently posted..The ‘like’ button


I do that too!!!! More and More, actually! As you can see from my Food Fight Post. I have another testimonial coming up for VeganEssentials. I should also include my experience with UptonTeas a few weeks agO 🙂
Jennifer recently posted..Alive & Radiant Kale Krunch


Yes, customer service is very important. I do not shop online though…other than getting airline tickets. I’m old school – still value the human factor…and I don’t mind queuing to pay my bills over the counter. Mine is a small town so the wait will not be that long and there will always be a familiar face or two – the hello and how are you, the small talk, the greetings & thank yous, the smiles – I like all these.
suituapui recently posted..Let me show you how…