Food Preservation: Harvest Right; First and Second Batch

I must say that I’m genuinely enjoying my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer as much as I researched BEFORE I purchased the freeze dryer. I’m finding that my recent research is focused on its maintenance. I want to be prepared in case something happens to my freeze-dryer. I believe the dryer will be getting a lot of use over the next several months. I have plenty of things in my freezer that I want to freeze dry, not to mention harvesting my garden when it starts to produce.

Thus far, I’ve created two videos documenting each batch of food placed in the Harvest Right dehydrator. They’re unlisted, mainly for my reference, and simple raw, unedited footage discussing the process from a beginner.

Harvest Right: First Batch

This was my first successful video with my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. I dried ginger, granny smith apples, and portabella mushrooms.

Harvest Right: Second Batch

The video that I created here was recorded a few hours ago. I was checking on my second batch of food placed in the freeze dryer. This batch contained mangoes, blueberries, and watermelon. The watermelon and blueberries were dehydrated; however, the mangoes needed additional time since at least half were still pliable.

What will I freeze dry next in my Harvest Right? Well, my daughter wants me to freeze-dry more ginger. So when this batch is complete, I’ll take care of that. After that, I will likely add sliced lemons to my third batch.

Edited to add:

7:42 pm EST

Four hours into the additional time, I checked the freeze dryer. There’s no way those mangoes will be done in one more hour. So I added 11 more hours. They’ll be ready when I awaken.

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