For the love of mushrooms…

Because I love freshly harvested mushrooms last evening I set up a barter with an extremely knowledgeable mushroom guru.

Homegrown portabello Mushrooms
Recycled picture: Shiitake mushrooms freshly harvested by K

I asked for a in-person tutorial of how to properly inoculate logs with mushrooms. To sweeten the deal I told them I’d knit them a hat or scarf with Malabrigo yarn. They had already received a tiny token (crocheted bookmark) of how incredibly soft this yarn from me, I was hoping that might get them interested. It appears that might have worked. They’re knitworthy so I look forward to knitting this project.

Since I don’t know how they feel about hand washing an item,  I sent them a link for Malabrigo Rios yarn.  That’s a superwash wool, which means it can be washed and dried on delicate setting.  I told them to choose what  color they wanted. Based on their complexion, I did offer some suggestions, but ultimately it’s their choice what they decide.
I already know I’m getting a amazing deal, since I’ve received some of their Shiitake mushrooms before.

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WOW! Those are gorgeous! I, too, LOVE Mushrooms! WOWZA! I have Shroom Envy at the moment! LOL
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Hey Opal, this is a good trade and I am glad that you suggested it… not that I wouldn’t have been happy to assist you with your mushrooms regardless of the barter!
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