Fun with juicing; consuming juices only for a bit…

A few moments ago I made a deliciously yummy orange colored juice, with a new juicer. Which is perfect timing since today marks the day that I start my juice cleanse. The last juice cleanse I had lasted 12 days, but I’ve done much longer. Is it healthy? Well let’s see… I’m only consuming produce in liquid form. I mainly juice green vegetables. What do you think? Of course it’s healthy. I’m not doing it for weight loss. I don’t need to lose weight, but now and again I do like taking a break from eating solid foods. I’m not cheating my body in the least since I’m flooding it with a whole host of nutrients that our bodies need and crave.

Thanks to next day delivery by Federal Express, my Breville arrived about about an hour ago. This won’t be replacing my Green Star (masticating) juicer. That juicer is awesome and there’s no way that’s being put to the side. This centrifugal juicer will be used in addition to my Green Star for produce that does not do as well with the masticating technology. The Breville will be juicing such things as; apple, pears, lemon, grapefruit, etc., since centrifugal juicers seem to do much better job with them than masticating juicers. For everything else, I’ll be using my much loved Green Star juicer.


Breville Juicer-grapefruit apple_1

I’ve listed what is included within the juice below. I call it ‘bittersweet’.


  • 4 apples unpeeled
  • 1 grapefruit
  • five large carrots

I could have added other produce. I stopped by the local farm yesterday and stocked up on dark leafy greens and apples. I’d have to pull out my twin gear juicer for that.  This morning, I stopped by the grocery store and purchased grapefruit, ginger and carrots. I should have enough produce to keep me juicing for at least a week.

I will say that the Breville clean up is much easier than my Green Star juicer, but as I already mentioned there is no way I’m setting aside my Green Star, since with several produce it still does a much better job since the juice yield is higher.

I really don’t know how long I’ll be only drinking juices but I’ll try to make an effort and put the recipes I create here. As with cooking, I just toss together produce that works well together, sometimes I’m selective depending on the nutrients I want to flood my body with, but for the most part it’s a toss up on what will end up in my juices.



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A lot of people here are into juicing too, many of my friends. Perhaps I should give it a try sometime.
suituapui recently posted..The last farewell…


This combo looks and sounds tasty! I have been craving some Grapefruit lately…might have to try!
Jennifer recently posted..In The Spotlight