Furbaby Adventures: Lionhead rabbit; healing from laceration surgery

Gracie, our lionhead rabbit, is recovering nicely from her laceration surgery. Many thanks to the amazing work done by her veterinary surgeon (and the rest of the wonderful staff) at Chadwell’s Animal Hospital. I’ve been going to them for years.

While there are animal hospitals that are much closer, I prefer Chadwell’s Animal Hospital because of their knowledge about common household pets and exotic animals. They also do a lot of work with rescue animals. I’m  huge fan of those who work with animals that some people heartlessly throw away.

Lionhead bunny-stitches

Gracie still isn’t thrilled by the medication she has to take. There are four different medications in all. Three have to be taken daily and the fourth, is a penicillin needle injection, that has to be given (under the skin) twice weekly. It’s been a while since I’ve given an animal a needle, so I did a search until I found a tutorial on  how to give needle injections to rabbits. It’s time that I brush up on my needle injection skills.

Early this morning, I’d emailed  ‘A’ (the wonderful angel that rescued Gracie), and mentioned that Gracie dislikes her medication. It’s kind of cute to watch her reaction. After receiving the meds, she does a tail flick, and kicks her back legs quite forcefully off the floor. She then speeds madly about the room. Upon her return she either licks my hand or bumps her nose on a part of my body. It’s a cute bunny nudge. Perhaps she’s saying, I’m not thrilled by the meds, but I love you anyway? 😉

Lionhead rabbit-Checking me out_1
Gracie checking me out as I take her picture

The stitches, and the meds, are the only indication that something has happened to her. We’ve only had her for four days, but we love this little girl!

It’s so nice to see her being her normal sweet self. Doing normal bunny things, such as…

Lionhead rabbit-Checking me out_2
Gracie inspecting the cover and showing her cute bunny lips

checking out everything…

Lionhead rabbit-Checking me out_4
I caught Gracie getting ready to run around the room. She’s fast!

Exploring, as you can see she had lots of fun checking out the room.

And she kept a close eye on me during the process, stopping by regularly to give me soft bunny kisses and waiting for pats and hugs.

Lionhead rabbit-grooming_1
Adorable bunny grooming


I captured her grooming herself, I think rabbit grooming is so adorable.

After we put her in her home, out came Oreo. I’ll be sure to post pictures of Oreo, our Netherland dwarf bunny, later today.

Oreo, our one year old rescue bunny, is our shy sweet girl. The good news is, she’s gradually losing her fear  and actually lets me hold her for long periods of time before wanting to get down and explore! I consider that progress.


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I LOVE it when they groom themselves! Adorable! It DOES look like she’s healing pretty fast! That’s great! DOH! I have needlephobia but if I needed to learn for my ‘kids’ I would! She’s so cute! Vibes/thoughts/prayers for continued healing!
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Good to hear. One thing I notice is rabbits’ eyes are red in photographs. Never knew that before. Cats’ eyes are green, I think.
suituapui recently posted..Love having you around…


Is Gracie “Albino”? To account for the red eyes? And being totally white, that is? Is that the correct technical term???
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Oh! Good to know about the eyes in this and in other case 🙂
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