Furbaby Adventures: Not keen on sharing

Monday, we rounded up all our furbabies (with the exception of Bentley) for some evening snacks. Bentley (our Shih Tzu) was close by and he looked puzzled. He just didn’t see why the other furbabies were going crazy over the celery. Poor doggie, he doesn’t know what he’s missing!

Sharing a celery treat

As you can see in the photo… Angel (white teddybear guinea pig) and Gracie (white lionhead rabbit) were more than happy to share their treat with each other. They were more than happy to include Oreo, since there was a stalk on her side. But after it was clear she wasn’t interested they started focusing on their snack.

Oreo (black & white Netherland dwarf rabbit) was not impressed with the actions of her adopted sisters. Although Oreo’s nose wriggled excitedly when she caught a whiff of one of her favorite treats, she made a point not to eat any.

Pals: These two love to be together

Naturally Angel and Gracie were just fine with this arrangement and made short work of the celery.


Poor Oreo!

But Oreo wasn’t forgotten, when my daughter put her in her home. She hand fed her some celery. Oreo gently bumped her nose on my daughter’s hand after she was finished. I think that’s her way of thanking us for doing something extra nice. She does that with me also.

Gracie, follows me everywhere and I imagine she’d sleep right beside me in bed if I let her, but I don’t. The girl is much too adventurous and I’m afraid with her inquisitive nature she’d get herself into trouble. It seems that she isn’t afraid of trying or doing anything. So when I go to bed, so does she. At times she’s not thrilled with that!

Bonding update

We still aren’t pushing bonding with Gracie and Oreo. They sit contentedly by each other and Gracie always rests her head on top of Oreo. She’s such a friendly rabbit, I guess she’s puzzled at the reason Oreo is so reserved. We love our timid girl, Oreo, also.  Oreo is still very shy but allows the licks from Gracie without trying to attack her. I call that progress!

Gracie will be getting spayed towards mid October so after she’s healed (some time in November) we’ll move onto the next phase, putting them on the floor together.

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Interesting. The “black sheep” of the family? Guess they have differences too…like humans.
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They are adorable and incredible! LOVE them!
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