Furbaby Adventures: Rabbit bonding video & forum info

Earlier today, I stumbled upon a great video on rabbit bonding. I included it as a ‘resource’ with my last post about Gracie and Oreo’s bunny bonding gone bad. Because I think it’s so good, I thought it deserved its own post.

This post, is mainly a placeholder for myself, but it’s such a great reference that I hope if someone stumbles upon my site (while searching for information on the correct way to bond bunnies) they will benefit from it also.

In addition to the above video, I noticed that the Binky Bunny website had an excellent forum on bonding bunnies. Over the past few weeks, I’ve casually browsed that website but today was the first time I noticed a forum about rabbit bonding. Searching the bonding forum was refreshing since I found a lot of great posts from rabbit owners who were attempting to bond their rabbits. While some didn’t have too much issue, others ran into similar issues like I experienced. Seeing successful friendships develop between rabbits that were initially fighting ‘tooth and nail’ was extremely encouraging.

I especially enjoyed reading this posters account about two female rabbits that were successfully bonded. The two bunnies went from this…

For those of you that don’t know, they are 6-7 month old sisters that we adopted in November and they were fine with each other’s company for about a week until one big scrap whioch forced us to separate them. They are currently living in “X-Pens” next door to each other.

I really don’t know what happened next one minute they were about a metre apart and the next they were lunging at each other! Luckily I got in the way pretty quickly and I bore the brunt of it. Ariel got my hand quite badly (its only just stopped bleeding). I picked Ariel up to seperate the two and calm the situation (Ariels usually the easier one to pick up and responds better to it than Miranda, who just seems to get more wound up if shes picked up), tried to put them back together after a few minutes to try to end on a positive note but they weren’t having any of it so it was separation straight away again. I think Miranda may have been quite upset by it as she did a wee straight over the side of the litter tray almost straight away after the fight and i’ve never seen her do that before, they are pretty much perfectly litter trained. They looked pretty upset when I put them back in their pens too.

To this…


Hello all!

Well its been nearly 2 weeks since we moved the buns in together in our bedroom and they seem ‘cemented’!  We have cleaned the lounge with vinegar and have set up a new home for them, complete with logs for them to climb on!

From reading that post, it took several weeks before the two female rabbits were bonded.

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I’m going to spend some time on that site, thanks!!!
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