Garden Produce – Beware of our Tomato Guardian


Mr. Bentley, tomato guardian: You no take tomatoes!
Say hello to Mr. B, ferocious Shih Tzu that keeps our property safe from any unsavory elements that dares venture into our environment. He’s a tough little bugger and will attack his victim with licks, begs to be rubbed, all while batting his big brown eyes. So much for being ferocious, in this picture he’s guarding our tomato harvest, and could not be swayed from the area. Actually, I think he’s hoping for a treat.


I can be bribed with treats
Tomato facts

    • Tomatoes are colorful

Besides the customary red or orange color, tomatoes can also be purple, green, yellow, and brown. Add a few of those colors to a salad or lightly steamed dish and you’ll have a colorful display!

    • Tomato are fruits
    • Tomatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants
    • Tomatoes paired with broccoli are a delicious way to fight prostate cancer
    • Tomatoes are a great source of vitamin B6, potassium, folate, and niacin.
    • Tomatoes are a good for bone health, since they contain vitamin K.

Why is Vitamin K important? I’m glad you asked. In the Vitamin K family, there’s a cool one named Vitamin K1. This vitamin triggers osteocalcin. Think of Osteocalcin as the top dog when it comes to non collagen protein in the bone. Perhaps that’s why Mr. B, is so protective of our tomatoes? Top dog, he’s a dog! Ok, ok that was so bad! Moving along… Osteocalcin latches onto calcium inside the bone. You need Vitamin K1 to maintain adequate bone mineralization; one of the tasty ways you can nourish your bones is by eating your tomatoes.

Upcoming gardening post…

I’m hoping I can post more gardening pictures today. It’s going to be busy in our household. My daughter has piano practice this morning. So we’ll be visting the piano teacher. Gardening wise, we still have a lot to harvest, or I should say “I still have a lot to harvest” my daughter helps for a bit than she’s off playing in the garden. I let her play, she does chores around the house.

What’s cooking?

Currently I have black beans cooking on the stove, here’s hoping I get around to making black bean burgers later today. Currently I’m trying to decide what type of smoothie I want. Mentally flipping through my stash of vegan recipes I decided to make a savory green smoothie. After all, I definitely have enough tomatoes.

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Aw Mr.B is sooo cute!! I love animals, wish we could have more than rats here as pets. Those Tomatoes look good!!


Heya Kaozz, yeah Mr. B is a super cutie, in these pictures he was trying his hardest to give me his “don’t mess with me face!” Naturally that wasn’t convincing since he ran over and licked me, lol.


Hello there! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I’ve linked you in my blogroll. Oh my! What lovely tomatoes! I love tomatoes…and my daughter would love that cute little guardian. She loves animals. You certainly have a green thumb, not me. Everything I plant barely survives. LOL!!!


Hi Suituapui,
Thanks so much for stopping by. I’ve been following your blog for a few weeks. I really enjoy the food you have on display.

You know, I thought I had added you to my blogroll, since you are in my RSS feed, but you weren’t. You are now.

At times, it can take patience to grow things. At times, plants can be temperamental.


Thanks for the tommy facts! Hi Mr B!


@stanley, Thanks for stopping by! I stopped by your site, what a gorgeous picture. 🙂

Maira Grove

Love that Mr. B! My kids are here with me and they are still making comments, very cute… Oh, my oldest wants proclaimed, “I love tomatoes! They are sweet and sour and soo tasty at the same time” Re. your post.


@Maira Grove, Aww glad your kids like Mr. B, being the attention sucker that he is, he’d eat that up. Yes, we love tomatoes too, for the reasons you’ve listed.