Garlic, Herb and Cheese bread

Earlier this week, I made a garlic, herb, and cheese bread.

No, it’s not vegan. I mainly made it for my father, however, my daughter had a few slices of the bread. It received rave reviews from my parents and daughter.

I started making the bread shortly after I arrived home from work Monday evening.

I let it proof overnight and it rose a lot! I then laid it out on one of my silicone mats

and kneaded it into the desired shape.

I then placed it in one of my bread pans and placed it into the oven for about 45 minutes. This weekend my daughter wants to make hot cross buns and I’d like to make either an onion bread or potato bread. Since it’s been years since I’ve actively baked bread, I’ll be keeping the breadmaking simple, before I attempt to make more elaborate creations. I’m enjoying the journey, I’ve always enjoyed creating with dough.

Tuesday evening, my daughter and I made bigoli pasta. I’ll be posting those pictures late this week.



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