Gathering goodies for our Valentine

One of the free downloadable embroidery items available at the website
One of the free downloadable embroidery items available at the website

Our Lutheran church has many outreach ministries. Some of those ministries regularly visit a local nursing home throughout the year.

Many of the visits involve our church’s youth… they visit, play games, and even have piano recitals hosted at the location.  It’s a nice change for the residents and a great way to get the youth involved with interacting with the elderly.

I’ve attended most of the events since my daughter is on one of the children’s choirs and she also takes private piano lessons from the directory of contemporary music.

This February, all our churches children’s choir will be Valentine caroling’  at a local nursing home.  I know the residents will love that, they certainly light up when they see the children. The following week the adult choirs will be Valentine caroling at the same nursing home.

In honor of these events, the church had a ‘Valentine tree’ set up in our Narthax, naturally I was thrilled when I heard about this since  my daughter and I had fun with gathering gifts for our angel from the angel tree at Christmas.

With the ‘Valentine tree’ church members can choose a Valentine off the tree and purchase something special for a nursing home resident. Our church makes it easy for those who want to participate since they give helpful suggestions of what you can purchase for the residents.

My daughter and I will definitely include some purchased items within ‘Connie’s’  valentine bag and I’ll be sure to create and personalize a few of the items also. We’ve never met Connie, but it won’t stop us from doing something nice for her. The kindness of strangers can mean a lot to some people. I’m hoping we add a bright spark to her day.

You know where I’m going with this right? I’ll be taking advantage of my Brother SE-400 embroidery sewing machine, it’ll arrive in plenty of time for me to get comfortable with embroidering on a machine and turning some of my newly learned skills into some personalized items for Connie. I should be prepared for the unexpected. I purchased stabilizer, embroidery thread, additional embroidery needles and I’ll be getting fabric this weekend.

I’m pleased that Connie will be the first recipient of  a personalized item made with my new embroidery machine… of course I’ll post pictures. What’s even better is that my daughter can give her the items herself after the ‘Valentine caroling’ is complete. Over the weekend, she’s making Mrs. Connie (as she calls her) a nice Valentine’s card.

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Ah!!! That’s nice. A Valentine tree…and all for a good cause. We’ll be busy here with the Chinese New Year celebrations staring on the 10th and it will go on for 15 days. The 15th Night – “Chap Goh Meh” is the Chinese Valentine’s Day. So sweet of your girl to do her bit too.
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Looking forward to those pics!!!!
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