Girls just want to have fun…

My daughter had fun at her best friends birthday party. Her BFF (best friends forever)  is now nine-years old…

Initially, when my daughter received the invitation, my daughter didn’t think she’d have fun, it being a girly girl party.

Daughter at birthday party
My daughter at her best friends “dress up” birthday party.

But I did remind her that even though she loved doing “non-girly things” she still loved playing dress-up. I also turned her it was perfectly fine if she loved being girly. While it’s not my style, I’ll love her even if she loves being a girly girl.

Sometimes I look at my daughter, and am amazed at how much she looks like myself; especially when I was her age. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, right? She is my daughter after all. The pink decoration in her hair is something I crocheted for her several months ago. I was inspired by the crocheted swirly twirly scarf and the crocheted bookworm bookmarks… and I came up with this.

Girls getting pampered at the birthday party. My daughter’s BFF is the closest person in this picture.

This party had a theme, the girls were had three choices for dress up; fairy, princess, and a rock star. Not surprisingly, my daughter chose the rock star. Rock stars sing music… We both love music, we dance often, and we both play the piano. She’s been playing the piano for four years. She’s played in church, recitals, concerts…. she’s a talented pianist.

My daughter chatting with two of her friends/schoolmates. This shot was taken after they experienced the salon pampering.

In my last post, I mentioned briefly about the crocheted doll I was making for her best friend, and although it was completed. She didn’t receive it yesterday. We did go ahead and give her the other items though. Three sets of gorgeous beads on a string, and beaded thread to make her own jewelry. Since she loves crafts, she was thrilled. Later this week, the crocheted amigurumi doll I made will be wrapped up and mailed to her.

daughter at birthday party
Taking a break for snacks…

Her friends party was held at Girlee Gurlz, yes there is such a place. For two hours, the girls were pampered; makeup, hairstyles, and got to perform on a live stage, surrounded giggling girls, and a few amused parents.

Cyndi Lauper: Girls Just want to have fun

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Girls will be girls… My! Your girl’s growing bigger and prettier by the day.
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Amanda@Club Dresses

This is adorable! That is such a great idea for a birthday party–and your daughter certainly looks like a rock star. It looks like the day was fun for your daughter despite her not liking girly things. Great pictures!

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I can’t believe I overlooked this one! So sorry! Of course that was during my busiest 2 weeks of the year in prep for Fair Week! She’s so grown up and pretty!!!!!
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