Granny squares and Coraline; Work in Progress Wednesday

Last evening I did something for the first time… 

I started crocheting granny squares!

The reason to get moving with grannies has everything to do with the wonderful Pammy at Scotty’s Place.

She posted a picture of a gorgeous floral afghan. And I wanted to learn how to make those squares. What I didn’t know was I’d have so much fun making them.


Granny Square afghan 2

With a printed tutorial in hand, I didn’t find it hard to make crocheted granny squares. The green and brown were my test squares…

Granny Square afghan 1

I decided I wanted to try citrus colors and chose the lavender, and lime green. I thought the colors would work well together.

Once I completed the lime, I loved how the colors looked great; but I thought something was missing? And so I added another row with  the mustard yarn. I love the look; it’s so bright and cheerful, that I most likely will turn this into a project.

 Eventually I’ll be making a floral granny square afghan, but will be deviating from this floral granny afghan square a lot. I already sketched out the afghan that I’ll be creating.

Amigurumi crochet Coraline 2 05 09 12

I’m still working on my daughter’s amigurumi Coraline. The poor girl still needs a haircut!

I had to put this project on hold while I worked on some last minute Mother’s Day gifts. I should be finished my crocheted Coraline by the end of this week.

What am I reading?

Well, I’ve been reading a lot of granny square tutorials. Who knew there were so many ways to make them? 😉

 Sites I’m linking too

  1. Tami Amis WIP
  2. Yarn Along
  3. Frontier Dreams
  4. Crochet Addicts CFS
  5. The Crochet Way


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Opal, instead of images, all of your pictures in this post show a message “Warning. Do not hotlink images and steal bandwidth.”
Mike recently posted..Eyes of the Great Depression 058

Marie/Underground Crafter

If you think there are a lot of ways to make the basic granny square, just wait until you find the 1,000s of patterns for variations!
Marie/Underground Crafter recently posted..Synchronicity


Nice amigurumi Coraline. How do you do the hair?
Jazz recently posted..En proceso


I love those colors! Granny squares are so cute.
Emily recently posted..Yarn Along


Lots of luck and fun with your grannies. I love the look, but hate all those ends, one has to be in the right frame of mind.
Sandy recently posted..The Sea Shore

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Minding My Own Stitches

Careful! Granny squares can be addictive! Make sure poor crocheted Coraline still gets her day!
Minding My Own Stitches recently in progress Wednesday


Your Coraline is looking gorgeous – totally loving her hair colour.
Enjoy those grannies they sure look like spring flowers.
Mistea recently posted..Fortunately…


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