Guinea Pigs: Cuteness overload


Guinea Pigs: Daizy and Angel checking out my Nikon D80

This past Christmas holiday I adopted these two adorable guinea pigs for my daughter. She’s no stranger to animals. We’ve had ferrets. They’re hilariously feisty critters. We also had two dogs. I say ‘had’ because Lalita (our oldest and my #1 furbaby) passed away last month. She was fourteen years old. I still miss her. We still have one dog (our Shih Tzu) and two fish.


Guinea Pigs: All right, enough is enough, we’re trying to sleep here!

The black guinea pig is named ‘Daizy’. At the time when we adopted the guinea pigs my daughter was six years old. She informed me that Daizy wasn’t spelled like the flower (Daisy.) Glad she cleared that up, since that is how I was spelling it (in my head.) Our white little piggy is named, Angel. My daughter actually let me name the white piggy, and I thought that was the appropriate name for her.

Although I was familiar with guinea pigs (having had them as a child) I still brushed up on the Guinea pig care, since I knew the bulk of the responsibilities would land squarely on my shoulders. We definitely enjoy having our newest furbabies in our home, and they definitely add to the entertainment factor with some of the silly antics they do.

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Aww they are too cute! We have a black/white rat and a pure white one. The white stresses out easily (I found out after we had him they do generally over the darker) and they are so hard to keep clean. Your little piggys look so sweet and clean.

Hehe too cute how she spells the name!


My daughter says thanks! 🙂 The guinea pigs are her favorite pet. She spends so much time with them

You should post pictures of the rats. I had thought about getting rats but from what I’ve read they can be very active so I decided to choose a mellower pet for my daughter. 🙂

I chuckle at the way she spells the name, kids eh? 😉


Hee! Your Daizy looks a lot like my Abbey, except Abbey has a little white tuft on her head. XD What adorable little piggies!


Hiya Sam!

Thanks for popping by, I bet Abbey is a cutie. Guinea pigs are adorable. Daizy is our feisty girl, lol.