Happy Father's Day

HappyFathersDay.06.20.10.jpgJust dropping a note to all the wonderful men out there who just happen to be fathers, or are a father figure. You’re definitely appreciated.

I would like to take this time to personally thank my father. Who’s done a lot for me over the years.

Dad, I really appreciate the support and love you’ve given me over the years. You were a tireless worker, who made numerous sacrifices for my brother and me. Of course, you aren’t perfect (who is) but you’re the perfect dad for me. Thanks for being a great dad, and being the only ‘dad’ my daughter has ever known.

My daughter’s father killed by a drunk driver while I was pregnant, so she never met her father. He was a great man, and I know she would have loved him as much as I did. You could say my dad is a father figure/grandad for my daughter. Thanks dad for spending the time with my daughter, and making her feel special too.

Dad, you’re appreciated, Happy Father’s Day.

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Oh wow, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter’s father. I knew you were single but I didn’t know the circumstances. *Hugs* I am sure he’d be so proud of the wonderful mother you are!


@kaozz – Initially, it was tough but I moved on; I really had no choice. She looks like both of us, so I do see him in her daily. She’s attentive and caring, just as he was.

Janet McDonald

How did I miss this?! I’m so sorry to hear
about your childs father! How very sad….
Bless you xoxoxoxox~!


@Janet McDonald – Thanks, it’s not something I talk about too much, but now and again I’ll mention it… 🙂